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James Quin


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James Quin

James Quin is a Senior Research Analyst with Info-Tech Research Group. James has held a variety of roles in the field of Information Technology for over 10 years.

Prior to joining Info-Tech, James was employed by a start-up IT security company, Secured Services Inc. He held numerous roles within the organization, often concurrently, including Account Representative, Pre-Sales Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Security Consultant, and Manager of Technical Services. His exposure to all aspects of the organization, as well as his participation in the transition of the company from a dedicated services organization to a dedicated software organization expanded his knowledge of the IT Security field.

James deepened his business development experience at Arqana Technologies, performing dedicated sales, sales support, and consulting activities. This position allowed him to add knowledge of Enterprise Resource Management solutions and to begin to foster his expertise in IT Security.

Early in his career, James served as a technical Project Manager for AT&T Canada. During his time with the company he was involved in the implementation of dozens of enterprise-scale projects, primarily focused on Enterprise Storage and Disaster Recovery.

James attended the University of Toronto and holds a B.A., an Honors B.Sc. and an M.Sc.


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