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GigaSpaces Technologies, Inc.


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GigaSpaces Technologies is a provider of a new generation of virtualized application platforms. Its flagship product, eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), delivers end-to-end scalability across the entire stack, from the data all the way to the application. XAP is the only product that provides a complete in-memory solution on a single platform, enabling high-speed processing of extreme transactional loads, while scaling to meet any requirement--dynamically and linearly. XAP was designed from the ground up to support any cloud environment--private, public, or hybrid--and offers a pain-free, evolutionary path from today’s data center to the technologies of tomorrow.

More than 350 organizations worldwide are leveraging XAP to enhance IT efficiency and performance. Among its customers are Fortune Global 500 companies, including top financial services enterprises, telecom carriers, online gaming providers, and e-commerce companies. For more information, visit http://www.gigaspaces.com, or its blog at http://blog.gigaspaces.com.