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April 5, 2023

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Lead Article - Programming

TechTip: Unraveling SQL Error Messages Using SELF

The SQL Error Logging Facility (SELF) is a new tool that can help you find and understand SQL errors and warnings.

By Sarah Mackenzie

SQL has become the standard method for communication with your database. You can use SQL to create and modify your database tables, insert or update data in your table, or access data in your database. More-complex SQL features allow you to create triggers, procedures, and functions to perform more-complicated operations. Additionally, IBM i SQL services provide you with new ways of interacting with everything IBM i that isn’t the database. However, if an error occurs while using SQL to perform these tasks, it can cause significant problems in your applications. It thus becomes very important to proactively find and fix these errors before they become problems.

Featured Article - Programming

Programming in ILE RPG - Creating and Using Files: Creating Views and Indexes with SQL

SQL views provide alternative ways of accessing the data in a table.

By Brian Meyers and Jim Buck

Editor's Note: This article is excerpted from chapter 3 of Programming in ILE RPG, Fifth Edition.

Although a program can retrieve and process virtual rows from a view, the view does not actually contain data. Instead, it stores an access path, a sequence of pointers to the actual data in one or more tables. When SQL creates a new view, the database constructs an unkeyed logical file based on a physical file. An RPG program does not make a distinction between a table and a view when it is processing the file—the program can read and generally update the file whether it is a table or a view.

Featured Video - IBM i Security

A Moment with Carol Woodbury: Introduction to Pen Testing

Ever wonder what the difference is between Risk Assessments and Pen Testing for your IBM i?   In this video, Carol Woodbury explains her experience with Risk Assessments and how Pen Testing gives “proof” of vulnerabilities, helping clients to know exactly what to address to reduce risk and improve security.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Pen Testing your IBM i? Contact us today at

White Papers


Why Migrate When You Can Modernize?

Explore the main considerations you should be aware of before embarking on a (migration or modernization) project. Take a deeper dive into business motivations and factors that could potentially influence your decision to migrate or modernize your existing IT platform and its risks.

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Profound Logic Solution Guide

More than ever, there is a demand for IT to deliver innovation.
Your IBM i has been an essential part of your business operations for years. However, your organization may struggle to maintain the current system and implement new projects.
The thousands of customers we've worked with and surveyed state that expectations regarding the digital footprint and vision of the companyare not aligned with the current IT environment.

Get your copy of this important guide today!

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Node Webinar Series Pt. 1: The World of Node.js on IBM i

Have you been wondering about Node.js? Our free Node.js Webinar Series takes you from total beginner to creating a fully-functional IBM i Node.js business application.
Part 1 will teach you what Node.js is, why it's a great option for IBM i shops, and how to take advantage of the ecosystem surrounding Node.
In addition to background information, our Director of Product Development Scott Klement will demonstrate applications that take advantage of the Node Package Manager (npm).

watch now!

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LANSA Webcast

Low Code: A Digital Transformation of Supply Chain and Logistics

Learn how businesses leverage Low-Code to continue to deliver value through digital transformation. Discover how the power of Low-Code is helping many businesses evolve their supply chain, increase ROI, and achieve more tangible results.
Watch this webcast now.

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Trial Software

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Easiest Way to Save Money? Stop Printing IBM i Reports

The thought of printing, distributing, and storing iSeries reports manually may reduce you to tears. Paper and labor costs associated with report generation can spiral out of control. Mountains of paper threaten to swamp your files. Robot automates report bursting, distribution, bundling, and archiving, and offers secure, selective online report viewing.
Manage your reports with the Robot Report Management Solution.
Rerun another report? Never again. Try the Robot Report Management Solution FREE for 30 days.

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Comply in 5! Well, actually UNDER 5 minutes!!

TRY the one package that solves all your document design and printing challenges on all your platforms.

Produce bar code labels, electronic forms, ad hoc reports, and RFID tags – without programming! MarkMagic is the only document design and print solution that combines report writing, WYSIWYG label and forms design, and conditional printing in one integrated product.

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Featured Article - Business Intelligence

What Does It Mean To Be an Insights-driven Business? Paving the Way for Organizations Running on IBM i / AS400

In its most recent report on insights-driven businesses, Forrester found that those with advanced business intelligence infrastructure are confidently growing by at least 20%. These are organizations that have been successfully enabling smarter and faster decision-making across the board through technology and data governance.

By LANSA, An Idera Inc. Company

Intelligent use of data analytics is key to optimized business processes, high customer satisfaction rates, and increased profits. With the ability to closely monitor performance and trends, companies are able to respond faster to the market – even make reliable forecasts and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

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