TechTip: Faster ODBC Performance on V5R2

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IBM's latest iSeries Access for Windows Service Pack (SI10914) can boost the performance of applications using ODBC to access iSeries data. A good example is Visual Basic (VB) programs that use the iSeries Access ODBC driver. The recent enhancement improves those ODBC applications via the SQLPrimaryKey function. Specifying a value of 3 for the CatalogOptions connection setting will allow the SQLPrimaryKey request to be implemented in a more efficient manner by the iSeries Access ODBC driver.

The CatalogOptions setting can be set to the better-performing option by specifying this option on an ODBC Connection string (e.g., CATALOGOPTIONS=3). This new option can also be used without changing the application program itself by using the cwbODBCreg utility to update the data source. Here are the steps for using the cwbODBCreg utility to change the CatalogOptions setting:

1. Go to a DOS prompt.
2. Change the directory to the Program FilesIBMClient Access directory.
3. Type cwbodbcreg  MYDSNNAME CatalogOptions 3.

Kent Milligan is a DB2 UDB Technology Specialist on IBM's eServer Solutions Enablement team. He spent the first seven years at IBM as a member of the DB2 development team in Rochester. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..