IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation V9.1 Offers Optimal Delivery in the Cloud

Managed Services / SaaS
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IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation plays a fundamental role in the IBM SmartCloud Foundation, as it correlates and automates applications running in the cloud.


In the unattended automation discipline, the cycle of modeling automation processes once, planning them to run every day without human intervention, with automatic management of exceptions, is what helps to drive down costs and helps give organizations a firm grasp over enterprise business service delivery.


IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation V9.1 enhances several parts of the cycle with better modeling, crisper policies for automated reaction, and better interface presentation for live production information and for analytical statistics over past service level objective performance.


Strong relationships between operations and its business stakeholders are crucial in the ever changing cloud environment. With a self-service catalog business interface, better Service Level Agreement management, easier mapping from competitor products, and the capability to offer complete graphical views to hundreds of users, IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation V9.1 contains features that help improve these relationships.


IBM SmartCloud Workload Automation V9.1:

  • Fully realizes application processes in the cloud
  • Enables the community to share practices and performance culture
  • Visualizes unattended execution for each role, in each scenario
  • Proactively  tracks, alerts, and reports on critical milestones
  • Maps competitor's definitions seamlessly
  • Extends automation reach to any key business application
  • Continuously enhances operations efficiency with fewer errors


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