IBM Social Media Analytics Software as a Service V1.2

Managed Services / SaaS
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IBM Social Media Analytics Software as a Service V1.2 helps enable marketing professionals to be more agile and responsive to the customer and facilitates entire organizations to measure social media across marketing, supply chain, and the customer service spectrum. Utilizing a big data platform, you get key behavioral, demographic, geographic, influencer analytics, and advanced analytics discovery capabilities, with standard dashboards, that are easily configurable for the business user. The extensive analytic capabilities provide organizations with the ability to help interpret, measure, and act on the information gathered.


IBM® Social Media Analytics Software as a Service V1.2 delivers:

  • Demographic analytics with ability to track geo-specific changes and unravel new markets
  • Extended discovery capabilities to identify what your client may not know
  • Influencer analytics for key author analysis
  • Geographic analysis for regional unique insights
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model for fast and lower cost investment implementation
  • Behavioral analytics to identify users, detractors, influencers, and  recommenders to track brand and reputation management
  • Addition of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Easy-to-use standard charts that can be easily edited by business user
  • Intraday updates for near real-time analysis


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