LANSA Announces Business Process Integration for Dummies eBook

Business Integration
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LANSA, a provider of application development, modernization and integration software, is offering users “Business Process Integration for Dummies”–an easy-to-follow reference that provides a guide on automating manual processes, integrating internal systems, and sharing data with external parties–while substantially lowering processing costs and improving data accuracy. 

Integration software has long been a specialty of LANSA, and the company has a rich history and wealth of knowledge gained from working with its customers on maximizing their investment in IT. Improving business processes, how business applications integrate, and the data chains that support the modern-day supply chain have been at the heart of many of these engagements and represent a core competency of LANSA as it has evolved over the years. 

Several years ago LANSA adopted the term Business Process Integration (BPI) to describe a practical and highly accessible approach to solving integration challenges. LANSA developed this approach because its customers and services staff said existing methodologies and toolsets were too complex and unwieldy for real-world use and often failed to deliver fast and decisive return on investment. Since then, LANSA and many of its customers have implemented this approach with notable success. 

With the release of “Business Process Integration for Dummies,” LANSA offers to share this approach with a broader audience—providing a better understanding of where BPI solutions fit into the overall IT scheme of things, how the key moving parts fit together, the kind of results you can expect to achieve and some tips on getting your first BPI project right the first time. 

“Working with some of our key consultants and drawing on their experiences we have gathered their thoughts and best practices into this new eBook so that the community at large can benefit from business process integration techniques and how they can be applied to help their organizations,” said Steve Gapp, president of LANSA Americas. “Following the ‘For Dummies’ mantra, the eBook is written for all to gain quick and practical knowledge that can be used to help formulate a plan for improvement based on their specific needs and challenges.”