OCEAN TechCon22 will be taking place July 21-23, 2022!

OCEAN TechCon22 will be taking place July 21-23, 2022!






Join Liam Allan, Patrick Behr, Scott Forstie, Charlie Guarino, Birgitta Hauser (virtually), Simon Hutchinson, Mark Irish (virtually), Pete Massiello (virtually), Mike Pavlak, Tim Rowe, Robin Tatam (virtually), Carol Woodbury and more speakers to be announced soon!

Details will be available soon. 

Contact: Margaret Matthews - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The OrangeCounty Educational Advancement Network, Inc., better known as just OCEAN, is a nonprofit user group and one of the largest and most proactive IBM Power Systems midrange user groups in the western United States with over 400 members. The group's primary mission is to serve as an affordable source of education on the technology its members use. This is done through hosting monthly guest speakers and the annual technical conference and seminar. The group is a nonprofit corporation and not sponsored by any vendor, including the IBM Corp. Membership is open to anyone interested in learning more about the information technology field. While its primary focus is the IBM Power Systems platform, the group does cover other areas like Microsoft .Net, VB, PHP, WebSphere, client-server information systems, JAVA, object oriented development, e-Business, data warehousing, XML, Internet and intranet applications, IT project management, IT management and personal and career development topics.