Summit Hands-On Live! Workshops

Take a giant leap forward in today’s critical IBM i development skills this April and May!

Live instructors Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris and Mike Pavlak take you deep into the best ways to use your favorite technologies, cementing your knowledge with guided, hands-on labs and personal attention.

Choose from these full-day online workshops to master modern IBM i skills.

  • SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Intermediate SQL for RPG Developers
  • RPG Procedures & Service Programs
  • Python for RPGers
  • RDi Quick Start
  • RDi Beyond the Basics
  • Build a Modern RPG Application! (2-day workshop)

Check out the Workshop schedule and course descriptions, and prepare to take your productivity to new heights! 

Comprised of top experts in RPG IV, SQL, DB2, ILE, RSE, PHP and Web technologies, System i Developer delivers the very best RPG and DB2-focused education available.  Its cornerstone conference, the RPG & DB2 Summit, provides an interactive, total-immersion experience to RPG and DB2 developers who want to stay abreast of the latest advancements and learn how to apply specific RPG and DB2 techniques to keep their software applications vibrant and innovative. As independent educators with long-standing relationships with IBM, members of the consortium also work with individual organizations to provide well-informed, unbiased advice and training on any IBM i development topic—from basic best practices to the newest, most advanced techniques.