System i Developer Takes Hands-On Workshops for IBM i Developers Live Online

10 full-day workshops feature live labs & limited class size

System i Developer today announces Summit Hands-On Live!, a series of live, interactive workshops that will take place online each Tuesday and Thursday from August 4, 2020 through September 3, 2020.

Instructors Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Mike Pavlak, and Doug Mack will meet with students in real time to go deep into 10 different technical skill sets needed by today’s IBM i developers. Each single-topic workshop features a full day of training, individual attention with a cap of 20-students, hands-on labs, and access to an IBM i.

Hands-On Workshop topics include RPG Procedures & Service Programs, SQL for the RPG Programmer, Intermediate SQL for RPG Developers, SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers, Python for RPGers, RDi Quick Start, RDi Beyond the Basics, Db2 Web Query Test Drive, and a 2-day workshop called Build a Modern RPG Application.

“In our experience, developers absorb major new skills like these best when they immerse themselves completely, practicing what they learn as they go. Combine this with face-to-face interaction with the instructor, and you have a recipe for success,” says Paris, partner in System i Developer. “With all in-person training on hold, we think it’s particularly important to up the game on online learning for the IBM i community. Honing skills is more important than ever in this environment.”

Summit Hands-On Live! is priced at $399 per workshop for those who have attended the RPG & DB2 Summit or the Virtual RPG & DB2 Summit. Others earn alumni status with for their initial workshop registration at $449. They can add subsequent workshops at the alumni rate of $399.

For additional information, visit, call 866-716-5409, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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