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The BOSaNOVA Rabbit Thin Client
<p>Written by Joel Klebanoff</p>
<p>Monday, 05 June 2006 17:00</p>
<p>When the time comes to replace green-screens or even older PCs that have reached the end of their useful lives, an increasing number of organizations are turning to thin clients as a low-cost, versatile alternative. In January of this year, Arizona-based BOSaNOVA, a leader in thin clients and network appliances for the iSeries market, announced the addition of <a href="">the Rabbit</a> to its thin client line. The headline of an ad that BOSaNOVA is running for the Rabbit offers a hint as to the derivation of the product's name by suggesting that the tortoise wins only in fairytales.</p>
<p><a href="buyers-guide/product-reviews/product-review-the-bosanova-rabbit-thin-client.html"?phpMyAdmin=gz2LoR0nPd7Mytf3oY5-VXr4Fm8&phpMyAdmin=25bb112f8ed566a4c23a789f3e088b21&phpMyAdmin=5b304d525ed15da5c42039d762c13e12&phpMyAdmin=816fdd67911b8b497b9b86b3c350307a><strong>Read more</strong></a></p>

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