New RPG & DB2 Summit Sessions Help IBM i Developers Achieve Big Goals

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Practical skills to erase technical debt & address business needs quickly

System i Developer today announces the addition of several new sessions for the next RPG & DB2 Summit, March 20-22, 2018 at the Embassy Suites in Dallas, TX. The new topics enhance the curriculum with extra techniques to help IBM i development teams escape maintenance mode and leverage new IBM i capabilities sooner, two critical business needs discussed by CIOs at the previous RPG & DB2 Summit.

According to System i Developer partner Jon Paris, the IT executives at the CIO roundtable last October asked about practical ways to erase technical debt, get ahead of the development curve, and arm their development teams to more quickly respond to emerging business needs.  

"IT organizations may stand at different points on the spectrum, but all of the CIOs in the room were there to help their staffs deliver cost-effective technology that provides a competitive edge," explains Paris. "The IBM i is brilliant at that. The trick is to get buy-in from the business to invest in new skills and the resources needed to undo years of tight efficiency and neglect in terms of code refactoring."

Sessions at the RPG & DB2 Summit give IBM i developers and database engineers modern tips and techniques that can be used immediately to modularize their code and improve their use of RPG, Db2, SQL, web/mobile technologies, web services, ILE, open source, and development tools.

"We're seeing a generational shift happening at the Summit, and it opens up opportunities for the established IBM i community to learn from younger developers with different skills, and vice versa. It's fantastic!"

New sessions on the March 2018 session grid include:

  • Game On! IBM i - From Strategy to Reality - Steve Will
  • Modern ILE DevOps - Liam Allan
  • RPG Talks to Watson - Paul Tuohy
  • Extending RPG with Db2 for i Functions - Liam Allan
  • Overcoming the Legacy Label - Alan Seiden
  • RDi: Even Better with iSphere - Susan Gantner
  • Access Client Solutions (ACS) for Programmers - Paul Tuohy
  • MVC Application Architecture - Mike Pavlak
  • RPG & Git: Open Source ILE Concepts - Liam Allan
  • Barbara's Mystery RPG Session - Barbara Morris

The RPG & DB2 Summit will also feature four full-day Hands-On Workshops on Monday, March 19. Each workshop offers 8 hours of focused skill-building.

  •  RDi Beyond the Basics - Susan Gantner
  •  Python for RPGers - Mike Pavlak
  • SQL for RPGers - Paul Tuohy
  • Procedures & Service Programs from A to Z - Jon Paris

"Forward-thinking managers understand that developers who get regular, quality education will write business logic that's easier to maintain and to integrate with any type of user interface or system that may pop up," says Paris. "Plus people are more loyal when their employer supports their professional growth."

Online registration for the RPG & DB2 Summit can be accessed via the System i Developer website. The early bird registration rate of $1,295 is in effect through February 16, 2018. RPG & DB2 Summit alumni and their colleagues receive a $100 discount when they register using their alumni ID.

To find out more about the conference, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 603-924-3769 (toll-free 866-716-5409).

The RPG & DB2 Summit will be held concurrently with the next CIO Summit, which will be held March 19-20 in Dallas.

Comprised of top experts in RPG IV, SQL, DB2, ILE, RSE, PHP and Web technologies, System i Developer delivers the very best RPG and DB2-focused education available.  Its cornerstone conference, the RPG & DB2 Summit, provides an interactive, total-immersion experience to RPG and DB2 developers who want to stay abreast of the latest advancements and learn how to apply specific RPG and DB2 techniques to keep their software applications vibrant and innovative. As independent educators with long-standing relationships with IBM, members of the consortium also work with individual organizations to provide well-informed, unbiased advice and training on any IBM i development topic—from basic best practices to the newest, most advanced techniques.

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