Dynamic Solutions International Develops New Entry Level VTL Storage Series

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DSI425 series data storage platform offers small storage environments enterprise level capabilities

Dynamic Solutions International, a leading international provider of data storage solutions, today announced the release of the DSI425 Series. The new storage solution is designed to begin as an entry-level virtual tape library (VTL) solution with the ability to grow seamlessly as organizational needs change.

The DSI425 Series helps smaller companies keep pace with rapidly growing data needs by incorporating state-of-the-art deduplication features. The series is also makes it easy to add additional storage without disruption or change in system performance.

“Based on feedback from our clients, we decided to create a VTL solution designed with a more cost-effective hardware platform, which provides a 30% cost savings for companies with smaller storage environments that want to get started with a small but high performing VTL solution with the flexibility to grow,” said Leo Salvaggio, president of DSI. “The beauty of the new DSI425 Series is that it can grow from 5TB to 120TB by simply adding a storage license to the existing solution without missing a beat. There is no reason for customers to purchase more storage than they need.”

The DSI425 Series includes security and deduplication offerings, as well as solutions for added automation.

“Data security is at the forefront of every storage conversation,” said Chris Bremer, chief technology officer at DSI. “To address growing security concerns and requirements, we built the DSI425 Series with encryption-at-rest as a standard feature and an optional feature to secure information in transit, building the ultimate disaster and recovery solution.”

To find out more about DSI425 Series, visit DSI425 Series product information.


Dynamic Solutions International has been in the data storage business for 45 years and is one of the leading providers of VTL storage solutions. The company provides customized data storage solutions for financial, government, healthcare and higher education entities. Through its industry partnerships, Dynamic Solutions International provides complete solutions that combine world-class hardware and software with exceptional service and support, so your information is both safer and easier to manage.

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