IBM Communications Server for Data Center Deployment Delivers Enriched Support for SNA Applications

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IBM Communications Server for Data Center Deployment V7.0 addresses SNA modernization in networks with mobile and dynamic environments. The functions previously provided by Communications Server for AIX, Communications Server for Linux, and Communications Server for Linux on System z are now incorporated into this new product.


The following new features are included:

  • Ability to track SNA LU resources used by clients on a domain of servers
  • Ability to map hard-coded LU aliases on client applications to LU aliases in a domain of servers
  • Enhanced support for Enterprise Extender and Connection Networks in IPV6 environments


Communications Server for Data Center Deployment, a new member of the IBM Communications Server family, is supported on AIX, Linux, and Linux on System z platforms. These platforms were previously supported by three separate Communications Server products, each of which supported a single platform.


As a multiplatform product, Communications Server for Data Center Deployment continues to offer reliable and security-rich support for On Demand networks. It connects users to enterprise host applications and data over diverse networks -- whether SNA, TCP/IP, Intranet, extranet, or Internet. You choose applications based on your business needs, not on your network protocols.


Communications Servers can provide all-in-one communications services between workstations and host systems, as well as other workstations. Features include:

  • Full-function SNA gateway
  • TN3270E Server
  • Telnet Redirector
  • Rich set of SNA APIs, including LUA (SLI, RUI),  APPC, and CPI-C
  • Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN) that includes end node and network node
  • Branch extender
  • Dependent LU requester (DLUR)
  • High performance routing (HPR)
  • Enterprise Extender (HPR over TCP/IP)
  • Support for many types of LAN and WAN connections


Communications Server for Data Center Deployment replaces the following products:

  • Communications Server for AIX (5765-E51)
  • Communications Server for Linux (5723-I33)
  • Communications Server for Linux on System z (5723-I34)


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