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MC Press Publications

Below are descriptions of our regular publications. Please read through them as you will need to either subscribe or unsubscribe to each one as a part of your Registration process to the left:

>> MC Press Bookstore
Offers subscriber-only discounts and special notices from the MC Press Store, as well as the latest news about MC Press products and services.

>> MC Press Magazine
Provides you with a single "wrap-up" e-magazine with all the feature articles, news, videos, and Resouce Center offerings for the past 30 days.

>> MC Resource Center
Provides you with information about products and services from the industry's leading vendors. It's all about the things designed to make your job easier.

>> MC RPG Developer
Keep your RPG code running smoothly, expand your programming skills, and build modern apps using APIs, BIFs, SQL, and everything else you need.

>> MC Special Announcements
Special announcements that impact all or users.

>> MC Systems Insight
Stay on top of IBM Systems trends affecting your world. We go behind the headlines giving you technology overviews and thought-provoking commentary. Learn from the experts how companies are leveraging their systems to propel their growth.

>> MC TNT Tips 'n Techniques
Concise articles advise you on programming tips, new tools, and both free and paid software. Explore the diverse methods for building and modernizing applications as well as managing existing systems.