IBM Watson IoT Platform, formerly known as IBM IoT Connection Service, offers add-ons for blockchain service and analytics service

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Watson IoT Platform, formerly known as IBM IoT Connection Service, connects devices, ingests device data, and transforms that data into meaningful insights. Watson IoT Platform and its additional add-on services enable organizations to capture and explore data for devices, equipment, and machines, and discover insights that can drive better decision-making.

Watson IoT Platform combines the power and simplicity to scale to industrial IoT applications, solutions, and workloads. It integrates the existing capabilities and functions of IBM IoT Connection Service in an end-to-end, fully managed cloud service available for subscription in production or non-production environments.

Watson IoT Platform communicates with your applications and devices by using the Watson IoT Platform API and the Watson IoT Platform messaging protocol. Other capabilities include:

  • Appliance claiming
  • Device registration and setup
  • Authentication and security
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Device management
  • Alerts and remote monitoring
  • Solution administration

Accelerate development and PoCs with production and non-production subscriptions

Watson IoT Platform for Production subscription is available in various implementation sizes and scales:

  • Sensor
  • Consumer
  • Enterprise
  • Industrial

Watson IoT Platform also provides a non-production environment for developing application content and conducting Proofs of Concept (PoC). Watson IoT Platform for Non-Production is offered in a predefined environment at a fixed monthly subscription. This non-production environment can quickly conduct an IoT PoC and move development from non-production into production. Users can easily simulate device deployment; authenticate, claim, or register a device; create dashboards and groups; deploy alerts; and utilize at global scale.

The Watson IoT Platform Lite Plan on the IBM Cloud offers 500 registered devices, 500 application bindings, and 200 MB of each of data exchanged. This includes data analysis and edge data analysis at no charge.

Enrich and extend the Watson IoT Platform with optional add-ons

Watson IoT Analytics service is an extension to the Watson IoT Platform. It enables line-of-business users to easily enrich, augment, and interact with the raw data that is originating from the IoT Platform with additional analytical measures and configurable business rules to get a better view of their operations and business. Watson IoT Analytics service:

  • Offers support for creating, monitoring, and enforcing business-relevant analytic functions
  • Provides a user interface that automates the workflow of gathering input data for analytic function calculation from multiple sources; defining input data to perform calculations; acting on the calculated values; and storing the calculated results
  • Enables developers to create and publish custom analytic functions onto the catalogue through a python-based API

Watson IoT Blockchain service is an extension to the Watson IoT Platform. It enables Internet of Things (IoT) and assets to validate provenance and events in a trusted, immutable ledger that is designed to increase trust and transparency across ecosystems.

The service enables IoT devices to send data to a private blockchain ledger that is shared by your business network. The secure blockchain provides peers with the capability to record transactions in a decentralized data log that is maintained on a network of computers. With the Watson IoT Blockchain service, you can use near real-time device data to achieve compliance, contract validation, and collaboration on a process or product that was delivered in the supply chain.