RockHer Introduces AI-Enhanced Digital Gemologist ROSI

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ROSI, an acronym for Rational Octahedron Selection Intelligence, uses a proprietary algorithm and artificial intelligence enhanced by IBM Watson to find the best diamonds available in the wholesale global marketplace at the best price.ROSI's revolutionary search engine analyzes more than 25,000 top GIA-certified diamonds and conducts millions of calculations to make recommendations for a center stone. ROSI's evaluation goes to the micro level, analyzing 30 different diamond properties that go much deeper than the basic measurements of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat).

Link to how ROSI works:

"RockHer is using modern technology to bring a century of diamond expertise and fine craftsmanship to online bespoke engagement ring shopping," said RockHer President and CEO Jim Vernon, an industry-leading diamantaire. "We are perfecting the creativity and the science behind diamond selection with a personal digital gemologist that expertly guides you through what could otherwise be an overwhelming shopping experience."

It was the personal frustration felt by tech visionary Adam Stein when shopping for an engagement ring that served as the inspiration for ROSI. Stein, founder and CEO of global tech company Advantageous Systems (ADS), found the traditional diamond buying process antiquated and overly confusing and turned to technology to find a solution.

"Buying an engagement ring can be harrowing and very confusing. ROSI streamlines the process to take the stress out of diamond shopping," said Stein. "It gives consumers an innovative method to apply rational logic to what can be an emotional and daunting purchasing decision."

RockHer simplifies an often-overwhelming shopping experience with a user-friendly, AI-enabled website that eliminates doubt and instills consumer confidence. The user experience requires shoppers to input only their budget and diamond shape, and weigh their primary considerations of price, size or quality. ROSI's sophisticated search engine evaluates more than a million data combinations to determine the best product for the price. "During development, we put ROSI up against the most skilled human gemologists until her selections outshined them," said Stein.

RockHer's modern technology is fueled by a century of diamond expertise. CEO Vernon has decades of experience in the diamond industry. He started his career at his father's company, Frank Vernon Diamond Brokers Wholesale Jewelers, taking over the company in 1984 as president. A leading expert in the diamond business, Vernon served on the managing board of the American Gem Society Laboratories from 1997 to 2011 and helped develop a system for evaluating the cut of polished diamonds that is still used today.

About RockHer

RockHer is a high-end, bespoke engagement ring company based in Los Angeles, California. The company employs the industry's best designers, craftsmen and diamond experts to skillfully create brilliant, custom-made jewelry. RockHer's workshop is a tribute to old-world artistry and uses the latest technology in 3-D rendering and printing and microscopic setting equipment to produce extraordinary luxury jewelry.


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