New: iNOW UI - Desktop and Web Frontends for IBM i made in Germany

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The new German modernization tool iNOW UI impresses the European IBM I community with its appealing and easy-to-use UIs for legacy applications. It was released in October 2017 and presented at the POW3R and Common Conference in November 2017 for the first time. "We got great response and very positive feedback because iNOW UI is making it easier than ever to modernize applications on IBM i.", Mr. Torsten Klinge, CEO of iNOW UI producer ML-Software GmbH, explains. "Since February 2018 we've been providing a 30 days trial version for download (see that is frequently used. European IBM I developers and users are very keen on iNOW UI for creating amazing rich and browser UIs. So we now start looking for selling and integration partners in North America (see as well."

iNOW UI does not require any programming skills and is very intuitive. Designing modern UIs for IBM I is very fast due to various multi-select, copy & paste and drag & drop options. Not only can you replace green screens but also provide complementing functions using snippets and scripting. With optional functional extras iNOW UI users get more information at a glance, operate with more comfort and efficiency and need less training time. This leads to increased user acceptance.

Simultaneously the existing IBM I applications continue to be used. IBM i programs and data do not need to be adapted, but can still be developed and maintained as before. All investments in hardware, software and skills remain protected. So iNOW bridges the gap between IBM I programming and high-quality user interfaces. It is very useful in both cases: designing UIs for existing IBM I apps as well as for new IBM I programs instead of SDA.

According to CEO Torsten Klinge one of the most important benefits of iNOW UI is that the resulting UIs can be used as rich client as well as browser and remote app. "With only one modernization IBM I applications can be provided to all platforms and devices with the same impressive UI. This is what a good and efficient modernization has to deliver today.", Mr. Klinge is convinced.

ML-Software regards the combination of the IBM and Microsoft world as the perfect symbiosis of two leading hardware and software vendors. For that reason ML products bridge the gap between RPG and .NET development, which allows to benefit from the advantage of both worlds. If a more advanced modernization is needed right up to the option of a complete switch into the .NET world, ML offers all necessary technological possibilities. Its products iNOW and iNEXT provide a successful strategy for existing and future applications using IBM i.


ML-Software GmbH, Hertzstr. 26, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany

Mrs. Jana Klinge

Phone: +49 7243 5655 11

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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