TechTalk: Using the WRKHDWRSC Command

IBM i (OS/400, i5/OS)
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You can configure multiple line descriptions for a single communication line resource. However, you cannot use more than one of those line descriptions at a time. For example, most systems have a communication resource called LIN011. IBM provides two communication line descriptions that use this resource, QTILINE and QESLINE.

Whenever you configure a new line description, you must know the name of the communication resource you intend to use. Whenever you intend to use a line description, you must make sure that no other line is varied on that uses the same communication resource.

The Work with Hardware Resource (WRKHDWRSC) command is very useful for configuring new line descriptions or determining which lines use a particular communication resource. Invoke the command by entering the following:


If you use option 5 on the line description on the resulting display, you get to a screen that allows you to work with the configuration descriptions for that resource.

?Steve Bisel