looksoftware Announces lookserver for RPG Open Access, IBM i Edition

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Open Access extensions deliver a multi-channel user experience for new and existing applications.

looksoftware has announced lookserver RPG Open Access, IBM i Edition, a new IBM i product designed to support the IBM Open Access for RPG (RPG OA) extensions. 

Marcus Dee, CEO of looksoftware said, “We’re pleased to announce our support for RPG OA, which is great news for the large proportion of the IBM i community who want to continue using RPG for the long term. We see this IBM investment as significant and very complementary to our multi-channel UX strategy. Our support for RPG OA enables new and existing RPG programs to deliver multiple UI channels simply and elegantly without the 5250 constraints.” 

Key features of looksoftware’s RPG OA support include:

  • Delivery of multi-channel GUIs from native RPG code, including rich client, RIA, and mobile support, which includes iPhone, iPad and Android, among other devices
  • Support for existing 5250 applications and system functions like spool files, so new RPG OA code can integrate with existing 5250 applications and deliver a seamless, consistent user experience

IBM i industry expert Trevor Perry, said of looksoftware’s offering: "IBM is making an investment in the future of IBM i with RPG Open Access. looksoftware adds value to their investment, enabling customers to take advantage of IBM's native GUI. With the capability to deliver multiple UIs from a single RPG program, the looksoftware tools manage the complexity of the myriad of modern user interface clients. RPG developers will focus less on the differences of browsers and mobile clients, and become more productive with the business logic of their applications.”

Most IBM i customers have significant investments in RPG and will appreciate the long-term investment protection and reduced risk offered by RPG OA’s native-code approach. Customers can create their own RPG OA handlers, use third-party handlers, and change handler suppliers while maintaining application business rules in native RPG.

looksoftware has been enhancing its product support to leverage Open Access’s capabilities, and will be demonstrating the new functionality at the company’s Orlando Conference from April 28-30 and at COMMON Orlando the following week.

looksoftware is now accepting applications for its Open Access early adopters rollout to participate in its beta program, with general availability to follow.

About looksoftware

looksoftware is known for its success in releasing the hidden value in legacy software applications that contain many years of proven business rules and processes. Its software tools promote the retention and reuse of core business systems running on IBM servers without the cost, risk and disruption of replacing or rewriting such systems. Using these tools, companies can update their user interfaces, extend access to remote and mobile users and create web services for communicating with trading partners.

For more information, visit the company's product page, read its RPG Open Access FAQs, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.