HA4i PureFlex for IBM PureFlex Systems

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Shield Advanced Solutions, leading providers of High Availability software, announces a new IBM PureFlex release for their flagship product HA4i (High Availability for the IBM i). This is a premier logical replication solution for the IBM i that provides the ability to replicate system data and objects between systems using remote journal technology. HA4i delivers a flexible and simplistic approach to implementing a HA solution which allows mid-sized companies to achieve a 'big business' High Availability solution.


A PureFlex System is a new and exciting technology providing cloud capabilities. Shield has worked with the IBM PureFlex Systems team to develop HA4i for PureFlex Systems. The result is a completely integrated IBM i High Availability solution that allows the implementation of a fully functional HA environment on PureFlex technology.


"PureFlex technology is the way forward for systems integration and management." says Chris Hird, president of Shield Advanced Solutions. "IBM has done a great job of providing a simple installation platform for ISV software. With the ability for MSPs to integrate a number of ISV solutions into a single package, they can develop repeatable installation processes to meet cloud and multi-customer requirements." Hird explains, "The increased functionality and automation has not diminished our product's reputation for simple installation and configuration, and ease-of-use. HA4i supports the most complex to the simplest application recovery environment with minimal system overhead.


HA4i PureFlex requires IBM i OS Version 7, release 1 onwards, and uses the latest technology for data and object replication with advanced request filtering to ensure effective resource use. A PHP interface brings a modern approach to controlling the HA environment which also reduces the management burden associated with all HA solutions. Full audit capabilities remain an important feature for this release.

Licensing is IBM tier-based.