IBM Enhances Parallel Environment (PE) Developer Edition for Power Systems

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IBM PE Developer Edition V1.2 provides an integrated development environment, combining open source tools and IBM proprietary tools. It consists of two major integrated components: 1) a workbench component that runs on a desktop or laptop and 2) a server component that runs on select IBM Power Systems and IBM PureFlex Systems servers.

Version 1.2 enhancements include:

  • A simplified selection of hardware performance counter groups for IBM High Performance Computing (HPC) Toolkit is provided.
  • Eclipse is upgraded to Version 4.2 (Juno), and Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) is upgraded to Version 6.0.
  • The setup for application invocation in PTP is simplified. This includes the elimination of the resource manager view and explicit creation and starting of resource managers.
  • A simplified launch configuration for Parallel Environment and LoadLeveler® is provided.
  • Coding assist tools and online help are available for OpenSHMEM and OpenACC. Upgrades are also provided for MPI V2.2 and OpenMP V3.1.
  • PTP's support for modules and other environment management systems eases the process of configuring a project's build and runtime environments.
  • Improvements to synchronized projects make working with source codes on remote machines easier.

The integrated development environment (IDE) is an Eclipse PTP-based development environment that lets developers edit, compile, run, and debug their applications all from within the framework. The IDE editor increases developer productivity with coding assist tools such as interactive code completion and syntax-directed highlighting of source code.

The performance analysis tools integrated with the IDE help developers locate performance problems in their application code, including tools to analyze CPU resource usage, MPI profiling and tracing, and I/O profiling.

These performance management tools may improve systems availability. Performance management tools allow you to optimize the use of computing resources, thereby protecting those investments. The performance tools provided by IBM PE Developer Edition can help you understand the utilization of system resources concurrently so you can balance your workloads or tune programs. By maximizing system resource utilization, you can optimize your system and network performance.


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