IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7 Offers New Capabilities and Features for FlashSystem V840 Hardware

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IBM FlashSystem V840 Software version 7 delivers the following capabilities for FlashSystem V840 hardware systems:


    • Virtualization of FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosures to enable rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes


    • FlashCopy to create instant copies of data for backup or application testing


    • Thin provisioning for improved storage utilization


    • One-way data migration to easily move data onto FlashSystem V840


    • Innovative GUI management capabilities


    • Extensive interoperability with support for most major server platforms and operating systems



FlashSystem V840 software also offers a rich set of optional features:


    • Real-time Compression for up to five times as much data storage in the same physical space, depending on the type of data stored


    • Remote mirroring for data replication between systems at different locations through Metro Mirror and Global Mirror functions


    • Virtualization of external storage to improve administrator productivity and boost storage utilization, extending the value of an existing storage asset



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