MB Software & Consulting Releases Workload Performance Series v9.0 with New Features

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“Your software and services make my data scream louder.”

MB Software & Consulting, Inc. is excited to announce at COMMON 2016 the launch of their updated cloud-based Customer Portal, Workload Performance Series v9.0 with many new features including integrated project tracking and status reporting. The software, combined with their new monthly training and consulting services, begs your data to reveal a compelling story.

They now offer monthly online training sessions at no additional charge with your paid annual software maintenance fee or monthly subscription fee. These personalized sessions are educational and are tailored for your team to get the most out of the software in your environment.

Customers can continue to access their IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) systems and application performance data through a cloud-based Customer Portal at www.mb-software.com . Newly released features to the Customer Portal include integrated project tracking, documentation and status reporting that makes project management of application performance optimization tasks a breeze. A PDF document can be created dynamically during the training or service sessions that allow you to organize and prioritize your greatest needs. It’s also a great tool for internal communication, team meetings and project status reporting.

MB Software offers monthly service contracts to drill further into your systems, identifying performance bottlenecks that cause your systems to run poorly. Weekly online sessions with your team can identify, analyze and develop recommendations to rectify the issues and opportunities in your environment. As always, detailed analysis of long running batch jobs showing duration by line of source code, SQL performance tuning, data replication latency optimization, capacity planning and automated systems management and tuning tasks have never been easier.

MB Software & Consulting, Inc. is an IT consulting company with over 20 years’ experience specializing in application tuning and performance optimization. They pride themselves on their honesty, integrity and experience and offer a 200% guaranteed ROI on their Root Cause Analysis (RCA) service. Before your next Power Systems upgrade be sure to take advantage of this guaranteed, no risk opportunity to dramatically reduce your hardware needs and total cost of ownership.

More information on these products and services can be found at www.mb-software.com or by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .