Santa Scores Perfect Marks Ordering Christmas Eve Deliveries

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Blogger Meg Suggs posted a note last Friday on the Inovis Blog confirming a rumor first reported by Between Markets' marketing maharishi Doug Kern, who observed that Santa is using Inovis Catalogue this year to shop for millions of kids around the world.

Following is Meg's post:

"North Pole Advanced Ship Notification

"ASN just received December 21, 2007

"Posted by Meg Suggs in News.

"Advanced Ship Notification, EDI 856, Inovis Catalogue, scorecards

"Doug Kern, our newest member of the marketing team from Between Markets, forwarded me this ASN a few minutes ago:

"'As you might know, Santa uses Catalogue for Christmas shopping, since it's the largest product database on the planet.

'We just received our annual blast of millions of advanced ship notifications (EDI 856), with shipments to be delivered 12/24/07 to millions of kids. For those scorecarding Santa's performance, the timeliness and accuracy of the ASN transaction was perfect as usual."'

Thanks, Meg and Doug--we can relax now that we're sure all the goodies will be right there under the tree Christmas morning!--Ed.