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We developed a message monitoring program for an automatic paging system that uses a message break handling program to process the incoming messages. The disadvantage was that the message queue was allocated by a job that executes the following command:

 CHGMSGQ MSGQ(library/msgq) + DLVRY(*BREAK) + PGM(library/program) 

In our case, this was done by a batch job, thereby making it impossible for any user to delete or answer a message on that message queue-that is, if you're using the intermediate assistance level! The basic assistance level presents the message in another layout, but also gives you the opportunity to answer a message on a queue that is allocated by another job. You can select the assistance level by pressing F21 on the Display Message (DSPMSG) command screen. The assistance level is set for a user profile, so you won't change the way it is presented to everyone.