TechTalk: Date Editing

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From: Alan Urtubia To: All

In the output specs of an RPG program, a date field can be printed without zero suppression by using the edit word '0 / / '. I need to define in an externally described file an edit code or edit word which would cause a date field to be displayed/printed without zero suppression. Any ideas?

From: Loren Elsen To: Alan Urtubia

I ran into the same thing coming from a S/36 to the AS/400-that is, DDS not allowing the '0 / / ' edit word for a six-byte date. There are two solutions:

1. Forget about the leading zero "05/18/93" and just use edit code 'Y' and get " 5/18/93".

2. Z-ADD the date to a 7-byte field and use the same edit word you used to use with a program-defined file. The downside with this one is that there will be an extra space in front of the date-not really a problem, but it can make your display look a little strange. For what it's worth, I just started using "Y" to edit dates.

From: Pete Hall To: Alan Urtubia

You can modify one of the user-definable edit codes (5-9) to give you the type of date edit you want with the Create Edit Description (CRTEDTD) command.