TechTip: Missing CALL Command!

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Q: We had a programmer accidentally delete the CALL command from the AS/400. I've been trying to restore the command from our full-system backup tapes using the command RSTOBJ OBJ(CALL) SAVLIB(QSYS) DEV(QTAPE3) OBJTYPE(*CMD) ENDOPT(*UNLOAD). I keep getting an error message: "File not selected. File label or file name mismatch..." What am I doing wrong? What do I have to do to restore the command?

A: The CALL command?! Yikes! That can cause all kinds of problems!

But you can restore the command from your SAVSYS tape. Normally, a RSTOBJ looks like this:

The above works great if what you're trying to restore was saved with a SAVOBJ or SAVLIB command. But it doesn't work when you're trying to restore from a SAVSYS because *SAVLIB is the wrong LABEL parameter.

To find the proper LABEL parameter, do a DSPTAP, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Find the proper LABEL parameter for a RSTOBJ from SAVSYS.

Next, work with the spool file, and search for the object you're trying to restore. The pertinent information is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2: DSPTAP will help you find the object you want to restore.

With the information found via the DSPTAP command, mainly the File label ID, you can now successfully restore the CALL command, like this:

On your system, the volume, sequence number, and label will be different, but this command will restore the CALL command from your SAVSYS tape. In fact, this command is what you'll need to use to manually restore any object from the SAVSYS tape.

--Bruce Bardini
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