An Alliance Between Patrick Townsend and BalaBit IT Security Brings Syslog-ng to System i Customers

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Patrick Townsend & Associates and BalaBit IT Security have announced a strategic alliance that brings syslog-ng Premium Edition, the enterprise system logging application, to the IBM System i platform. 

System i customers will now be able to deploy syslog-ng Premium Edition on all of their server platforms in a common enterprise strategy to collect and manage system logs. Syslog-ng provides enterprise customers with the means of meeting the PCI data security standard log collection and management requirements, as well as the requirements of other data security regulations. Customers now have the ability to bring their IBM System i platform into a common system logging strategy for compliance. 

Patrick Townsend, president of Patrick Townsend & Associates, said, "The IBM System i server holds some of the largest concentrations of sensitive data in the world. Until now, customers have not been able to integrate the System i platform into a common, open strategy for system log collection and management. We are pleased to have an alliance with BalaBit IT Security, whose syslog-ng solution is the de facto standard on Linux and UNIX servers. With the BalaBit syslog-ng Premium Edition product, IBM System i enterprise customers now have a solution that meets their need for reliability and security in system log collection and storage." 

The syslog-ng solution can be combined with the existing Townsend Alliance LogAgent solution for the System i to integrate the proprietary IBM System i security journal with syslog-ng. When deployed together, the IBM System i customer can collect IBM security audit journal messages, system operator console messages, IBM Apache Web server logs, and security logs from OpenSSH, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and other open systems applications running on the System i. When combined, the solutions provide an unmatched ability to collect and manage system logs on the IBM System i platform. 

"According to our strategy, we are expanding our leading position in the UNIX/Linux market to other segments. Six months ago we announced the syslog-ng Agent for Windows, and now, thanks to the partnership with Patrick Townsend & Associates, we are able to announce the syslog-ng Premium Edition for System i. Now we meet the central logging demands of companies having heterogeneous networks," said Zoltán Györk?, business development director of BalaBit IT Security. 

In this new strategic alliance, Townsend will sell and support BalaBit's syslog-ng solutions on all supported platforms, including the IBM System i, Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms. BalaBit IT Security will sell and support syslog-ng for the IBM System i and the Townsend Alliance LogAgent for System i solution through its network of system integration partners in Europe. Both companies will support a complete set of logging solutions for all enterprise server platforms. Syslog-ng Premium Edition is priced based on the number of log collection servers providing an affordable starting point for the smaller enterprise. Alliance LogAgent for the System i is priced based on the number of logical partitions.

About BalaBit IT Security

BalaBit IT Security is a developer of specialized network security solutions that meet the highest standards. BalaBit is a privately held Hungarian company. BalaBit IT Security is committed to open standards and is an active member of the open source community. The syslog-ng system logging software, which is the main open-source project of the company, is the world's most widely used alternative syslog solution for the UNIX/Linux platforms. BalaBit has a leading role in the European market, and the company has customers in North America, Australia, and in several European countries. The company can be reached on the Web at

About Patrick Townsend & Associates, Inc.

Patrick Townsend & Associates provides data encryption, key management, and security logging solutions to enterprise customers on a variety of server platforms including IBM System i, IBM System z, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX. The company can be reached on the Web at or by phone at (800) 357-1019, international +1 (360) 357-8971.