Mark Parzygnat, Program Director, IBM Blockchain Platform, gives a simple overview of blockchain and explains why companies are exploring this new technology.

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Data science is a priority for your businesses, and data science teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver ROI. What does it look like to deliver business value? Watch this example of how a data science team can help multiple departments prepare for an upcoming storm, reducing the financial and operational impact on the company. IBM’s Irina Saburova and Rosie Pongracz will take you through a demonstration of how the Finance, Operations and Fraud departments benefit from the use of a diverse set of tools and techniques.

Video Chapters: 01:28

- Chapter 1 "Use case scenario overview" Duration (2:26) 03:54

- Chapter 2 "Forecasting" Duration (1:40) 05:34

- Chapter 3 "Optimization" Duration (1:47) 07:21

- Chapter 4 "Fraud Detection" Duration (1:34) 08:55

- Chapter 5 "Streamlining procurement and claim management" Duration (1:35) 10:30

- Chapter 6 "Summary" Duration (2:07)

This video takes the advanced app you built in Part 2 and brings it into the world of containers. First you'll install the tooling you need for Docker and Kubernetes. Then you'll create a Docker image from your app and a Kubernetes cluster. From there, it's time to deploy and run your app. By the end of the video your code will be live on the web, running in a Docker container in a Kubernetes cluster in the IBM Cloud.

This video builds on the app you created in part 1, actually tying a web app to a NoSQL database hosted in the IBM Cloud. You'll run the application locally on your machine, then you'll deploy it to the cloud. All the code is available online, so all you have to do is follow along.

A look at the latest features of the IBM Cloud platform. Follow along with this video and you'll build and deploy an app, create a continuous delivery pipeline for it, and add a NoSQL database. All without writing a line of code!

In this video, Steve Martinelli, Engineering Manager @ IBM, walks through the tutorial for Watson's Natural Language Classifier service. Watch him create the service, download a dataset, create a classifier, and attempt to classify a few strings of natural language text.

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In this episode ...
-Try your hand at cloud native programming
-Three really smart people say how to migrate to cloud native
-Experience a new cloud offering from IBM
-Discover the real science in Star Wars
-Learn to secure your smart, scalable software future
-Explore answers to common programming questions with an entertaining twist
Start your bot building right
Join a girl who codes in her life
Marek demos how IoT and AI bashes out smarter bots
See what's coming in live coding events

Learn how the IBM Cloud App Service eliminates the need to manually edit config files and allows you to quickly create new cloud native apps. To learn more, visit or contact Andrew Trice (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

This is the shortened highlight version of the full-length video, "NGS-IQ: Serious Fun for IBM i Users."

Do you still get excited when you know you’ve ensured the information people need, in the format they want, will be available - where and when it can make a real difference? Watch this video for a quick overview of a few of the features that make using NGS-IQ serious fun for IBM i users. Learn how to design a Web report; create and email an Adobe PDF file; refresh Excel sheets, charts, and pivot tables; and analyze data with NGS's SmartView module. You can also learn about the low-cost NGS Software Developer Kit and Qport Office software.