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5181 IBM i Security Administration and Compliance 3rd Edition coverIn this new edition of IBM i Security Administration and Compliance, Carol Woodbury provides readers with everything they need to know about IBM i security. The definitive IBM i security reference, this Third Edition expands on the examples in previous editions to provide readers with clear, detailed explanations of the current IBM i security features and explains how to implement and audit them.

The Third Edition includes a new chapter dedicated to auditors to help them more effectively audit an IBM i (formerly AS/400 and iSeries). It also includes a new chapter containing practical examples of using the Authority Collection feature added in V7R3 and enhanced in V7R4. This new edition provides techniques for using security-related SQL views, guidance for determining what should be sent to your SIEM, methods to determine whether your IBM i has been breached, tips for avoiding malware on your IBM i, and updated examples throughout.

Useful for security officers, security and system administrators, compliance officers, and internal and external auditors, the resources available in this book help organizations reduce the risk to the data residing on their IBM i systems and avoid business disruption by helping them protect systems and data from unauthorized access and modification.

By reading this book, you will:

  • Gain knowledge about the integrated security features of IBM i
  • Understand the current risks to data stored on IBM i
  • Discover IBM i best-practice configuration settings
  • Learn a methodology for implementing object-level security
  • Learn about the auditing (logging) features provided with IBM i
  • Determine what information you should be sending to your SIEM
  • Discover the latest security features provided with IBM i, including Authority Collection

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