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To Make Shopping Experiences Exceptional, Brick and Click Retailers Must Innovate

These days, consumers expect retailers to provide information tailored personally just for them.

vish ganapathyWritten by Vish Ganapathy
In the industry’s current disruptive environment, retail and consumer product companies are competing with new business models and being forced to refresh their consumer experiences and brand engagements to be more relevant.

A new IBM study finds retailers' current strategies to deliver engaging brand experiences are not keeping pace with what customers’ expect and want out of their brick and click shopping experiences.

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ERP Implementation Strategies That Yield Ultimate ROI

With the tools and process put forth in this article, hopefully you'll feel armed and ready to make ERP decisions for ultimate ROI.

bob vormittagWritten by Bob Vormittag Jr.

Considering that an ERP solution is one of the biggest IT investments, organizations must work closely and collaboratively with their ERP partner during implementation. The litany of high-profile failures that squandered significant resources can be blamed on implementation challenges. To yield the ultimate return on investment (ROI), ERP solution implementation success starts with proper planning, open communication, and careful selection of the best technical features that fits the organization.  

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9 Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Package on IBM i

Selecting an ERP package is an event of huge significance. Considerations include functional fit, vendor capability, and implementation cost. But selecting an ERP package that runs on IBM i requires some specific considerations. We'll call this being "Viably i."

ross freemanWritten by Ross Freeman

In any ERP selection, a primary concern is that your ERP vendor will be around for the long-term. The choice to buy an ERP isn't a transaction; it's a relationship. As with any relationship, you should expect it to last for a long time. You can expect your ERP partner to be enhancing and expanding the product and fully supporting you year after year. They can expect you to take full advantage of the enhancements and stay on the current release. That provides maximum value to you and keeps the relationship healthy.

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Technology Focus: IBM i Accounting Applications Stay on the Money

If you want accounting software that runs on IBM i servers rather than directly on client PCs, there are still plenty of options.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

If there's one area of application software that typifies the divide between running business software on a bunch of networked PCs as opposed to on a centralized server (although possibly with PC clients), it's probably accounting. QuickBooks and similar PC-based apps are commonplace at small businesses worldwide, and the conversation about moving enterprise financial tracking away from a server environment probably takes place at one company or another somewhere on a daily basis.

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Technology Focus: Are CRM Apps Converging with BI Apps?

Data about customers is central to both CRM and BI applications, and that trend is growing. Does that mean the two app types are converging? Even some CRM software vendors can't agree whether they are or aren't.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) applications both have data about customers and products at their cores. This is becoming more critical for businesses that deal in most kinds of products and services because serving customers efficiently and smoothly are considered hallmarks of winning repeat business.

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One Click Away: Where Does the Data Come From?

GS1 and the GDSN continue to enhance consumers' ability to feel confident about supplier-provided product data.

kevin corcoranWritten by Kevin Corcoran

Consumers today rely on the Internet and mobile applications to shop, research products, find new recipes, plan meals, and more. An estimated 25% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases are influenced by the Internet and mobile devices.1 And according to Google, smartphone owners reported researching products on their smartphone while at home (58%), on the go (43%), or in the store (31%).2


The risk is that 35% of consumers say they would never use a mobile shopping app again if it contained incorrect product data.

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Technology Focus: Electronic Commerce Apps and Services

The importance of Electronic Commerce continues to grow. EC product vendors weigh in on the future of the market and the best ways to get started with an implementation.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

With Electronic Commerce (EC) seeming to increase its contribution to the bottom line at most companies year after year, its importance to enterprises is growing proportionally. Given the opportunities to do meaningful business at any hour, with customers or trading partners located anywhere on the globe, companies who ignore or shortchange EC as part of their business plan do so at their peril.

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Technology Focus: Apps for Managing Your Customer Relationships

Demand for customer relationship management (CRM) apps remains high, with an emphasis on customization and mobile-device access.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Managing a customer relationship to promote loyalty and repeat sales has evolved to the point where an initial sale is almost less important for the revenue than it is for providing the gateway to an ongoing relationship between seller and buyer. Especially in times when the general economy isn't booming, keeping customers feeling happy and special is more important than ever.

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