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ERP Implementation Strategies That Yield Ultimate ROI

With the tools and process put forth in this article, hopefully you'll feel armed and ready to make ERP decisions for ultimate ROI.

bob vormittagWritten by Bob Vormittag Jr.

Considering that an ERP solution is one of the biggest IT investments, organizations must work closely and collaboratively with their ERP partner during implementation. The litany of high-profile failures that squandered significant resources can be blamed on implementation challenges. To yield the ultimate return on investment (ROI), ERP solution implementation success starts with proper planning, open communication, and careful selection of the best technical features that fits the organization.  

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9 Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Package on IBM i

Selecting an ERP package is an event of huge significance. Considerations include functional fit, vendor capability, and implementation cost. But selecting an ERP package that runs on IBM i requires some specific considerations. We'll call this being "Viably i."

ross freemanWritten by Ross Freeman

In any ERP selection, a primary concern is that your ERP vendor will be around for the long-term. The choice to buy an ERP isn't a transaction; it's a relationship. As with any relationship, you should expect it to last for a long time. You can expect your ERP partner to be enhancing and expanding the product and fully supporting you year after year. They can expect you to take full advantage of the enhancements and stay on the current release. That provides maximum value to you and keeps the relationship healthy.

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Technology Focus: IBM i Accounting Applications Stay on the Money

If you want accounting software that runs on IBM i servers rather than directly on client PCs, there are still plenty of options.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

If there's one area of application software that typifies the divide between running business software on a bunch of networked PCs as opposed to on a centralized server (although possibly with PC clients), it's probably accounting. QuickBooks and similar PC-based apps are commonplace at small businesses worldwide, and the conversation about moving enterprise financial tracking away from a server environment probably takes place at one company or another somewhere on a daily basis.

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IBS and IBM Optimize ERP for Midmarket Distributors

IBM i Solution Edition delivers integrated functionality and rapid implementation for cost savings and efficiency.

Written by International Business Systems

Editor's Note: This article is an extract of the white paper "IBS and IBM Optimize ERP for Midmarket Distributors" available for free download from the MC White Paper Center.


Wholesale distribution is a balancing act. Midsize distributors must walk a careful line between satisfying manufacturers as well as customers—and remaining profitable. If a distributor increases its prices too much, the manufacturer may choose to sell its products through a competing distributor or directly. And if the distributor substantially lowers its prices, the organization risks going out of business.

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Technology Focus: Bookkeeping Software for Any Budget

Tracking enterprise funds has never been easier with the wide range of features available in today's accounting software for Power Systems.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

It used to be that accounting software simply had to keep track of the money coming in and the money going out. But things just aren't that simple and clear-cut anymore. Today's enterprises rely on accurate financial figures not only for past and present, but also for the future to help make strategic decisions. Such tasks as creating forecasts, building inventory assemblies, pinpointing job costs, and evaluating business performance trends have become as important in some contexts as any other accounting functions.

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Technology Focus: ERP Software for IBM i Offers a Smorgasbord of Features

ERP software for IBM i continues to deliver supply chain management, financial controls, manufacturing activity oversight, materials planning, and other functions.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the must-have application software for companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries, as well as being more than useful for any enterprise that that is part of a supply chain. As the benefits of Internet-enabled business communications have multiplied, so the need to use ERP applications has grown into a necessity for companies that want to remain on the cutting edge in their markets.

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Is a Traditional ERP Solution Not Your Cup of Tea?

Your company may be better suited to a "best-of-class" approach in which your financial applications can be configured easily to adapt to changing business conditions.

092410Unit4CodaWithBorderWritten by UNIT4 CODA, Inc.

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "The Best-of-class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


For better or worse, most companies have purchased financial software from large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform suppliers over the last decade. But as companies search for ways to lower costs and respond to a difficult business climate, the merits of implementing large-scale ERP platforms have come under close scrutiny. This article will examine an alternative approach that may be more appropriate and strategically sound for many companies: a best-of-class systems strategy.

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Technology Focus: Accounting Systems to Keep Any Bean Counter Happy

Accounting applications provide the indispensable service of monitoring the flow of money through an enterprise. For IBM Power System users, third-party software options abound.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

"Show me the money," if not the most often-echoed movie quote in corporate settings today, is at least at the top of most companies' concern lists. For users of the IBM Power Systems platform, still often called the IBM i, there is a rich assortment of financial applications available to track the bucks.

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