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5182 Mastering IBM i Security coverMastering IBM i Security provides you with the how-to for using the modern interfaces provided in IBM i 7.5 and recent Technology Refreshes to manage your IBM i security configuration. Carol provides practical examples of using IBM i Access Client Solutions, including Run SQL Scripts, the New Navigator browser interface, Authority Collection, and IBM i Services to gain a better understanding of your IBM i configuration. Also included are examples of taking advantage of the new security features introduced in IBM i 7.5.

While her companion work, IBM i Security Administration and Compliance, Third Edition, provides the foundational description of IBM i security, Mastering IBM i Security provides you with the how-to for discovering, maintaining, reporting on, and successfully changing your IBM i security configuration. Throughout the book, Carol provides expertise from her 20+ years of consulting to successfully use modern technologies to perform the investigation required for tasks such as securing objects, removing users' excess capabilities, moving the system to a higher security level, moving the system to a higher password level, securing SSH, securing the IFS, reducing the risk of malware infection, and more. Also included are tips for successful implementation and warnings about what might break.

Throughout Mastering IBM i Security, Carol will introduce you to new methods (such as IBM i Services) and interfaces (such as New Navigator) to perform tasks that you would normally address using traditional CL commands. Tasks such as viewing audit journal entries, Authority Collection information, and user profile settings have new and fresh interfaces, making them easier to understand and consume, whether you're new to the system or an expert.

Mastering IBM i Security is an insight into and a guidebook for the methods and techniques Carol uses to help her clients successfully achieve their IBM i security goals.

Upon completion of this book, you will be able to/you will:

  • Gain knowledge about the new security features of IBM i 7.5 and recent Technology Refreshes
  • Get practical advice on successfully moving your system to a higher password level
  • Gain practical insights into investigating system value, user profile, and object authority settings using IBM i Services (downloadable SQL for your use and customization is included)
  • Understand how to use Authority Collection to successfully reduce users' authority (such as *ALLOBJ)
  • Understand how to use Authority Collection to successfully secure objects (in both libraries and directories)
  • Understand the steps you can take to secure the IFS and reduce the risk of malware infecting the system
  • See how you can use New Nav to check and maintain your security configuration as well as view audit journal entries and Authority Collection information
  • Understand the steps to take to successfully move the system from QSECURITY level 20 to 40 or 30 to 40
  • Understand how to limit who can use SSH
  • Understand how to use the audit journal as an early warning to an intrusionShop the MC Press Bookstore Now