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Partner TechTip: End the Scourge of Ugly Forms!

Modernizing your forms can have a positive impact on your company’s image.

mike schuettWritten by Mike Schuett

Are you one of the many programmers who cringes at the thought of creating or modifying forms on the IBM i? For programmers, working with forms ranks right up there with being mauled by a grizzly bear. Yet there is a value in generating great-looking forms. Your statements, invoices, and checks project an image of your company, and many forms produced today are, at best, difficult to read and, at worst, ugly. Great-looking forms are neither difficult nor expensive to implement. In fact, you can improve your company’s image, make producing forms more efficient, and save money while doing it!

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Partner TechTip: The Pursuit of a Paperless Process

Although "going paperless" is an urban myth, paperless processes within your company are a reality. This article explains why reducing paper matters and offers three steps you can take to a less paper-intensive process.

greg schmidtWritten by Greg J. Schmidt

Chasing after a paper-free business is a lot like trying to find the end of a rainbow. Why? Because it doesn't exist. There will always be a point of entry by which paper comes into an organization.

"Going paperless"—eliminating paper usage and managing documents in the cloud or web-based filing systems—sounds hip, smart, and eco-friendly. However, the reality is that paper still permeates the modern office. In a recent study, nearly half of organizations surveyed had made only 5 percent of progress toward paper-free processes, and 18 percent hadn't even started yet.

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It's Just Another Day, But Do You Know What Your Reports Are Doing?

Like magic, custom reports and critical files in various formats appear each day in user's folders, portals, print queues, and email. But if they didn’t run one day soon, would anyone know why?

bill langstonWritten by Bill Langston

Programmers are taught early in their career to simplify program maintenance by carefully documenting their work. Companies invest significant time and money developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans in the hope they can minimize risk and reduce recovery time if the enterprise is threatened. But many of these same organizations never document their reports and reporting processes. Knowledge of these practices is frequently overlooked until the environment changes and someone stops receiving a report or file they rely on to monitor and guide their daily operations. That's a bit too late.

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H-P Products Enhances Forms, Saves Money, and Streamlines the Process Using TLA Forms

TLA Forms creates forms using data from existing IBM i spool files.

Written by TL Ashford & Associates

H-P Products, Inc., located in Louisville, Ohio, is the premier manufacturer of central vacuums and tubing-related products. The company has established itself as an internationally recognized operation enlisting the highest standards and technology for quality production of its productslike using a 4000-watt, 6-axis CNC laser to produce the most precise, high-quality tubes on the market. But when it came to generating customer quotes, statements, and invoices for their customers, the technology wasn't quite so high-tech.

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How to Create Professional-Looking AFP Resources on IBM i or Anywhere Else

If you want your printed documents to look good, you have to work at it a little bit.

Written by Kurt Schroeder

I grew up in rural Wisconsin. The bus ride to my school took an hour, and if I had already done my homework, I would spend that ride gazing out the window. I knew every little hill, every corner and turn of the road. I could anticipate every bump and even knew the best places to watch for deer walking in their favorite cornfield.

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10 Facts You Need to Know About Laser Check Printing on Your IBM i

Let's look at the truth and bust the myths.

Written by DRV Technologies

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "10 Facts You Need to Know About Laser Check Printing on Your IBM i" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


The first thing you need to know is that laser check printing is secure and easier to maintain than traditional pre-printed check printing.


The second thing to know is that, with a few quick steps, setup is simple. You do not need to purchase special equipment, and it is very easy to update bank account numbers, signatures, and logos.


The third thing you should know is that laser check printing can save thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands, of dollars in supplies and labor, depending on the size of your company.

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Electronic Signatures Enhance the Paperless Environment

With advances in technology, the operational benefits and laws have paved the way to support a more efficient process.

dan forsterWritten by Dan Forster

Increasingly, companies are discovering the countless benefits of a paperless office, and with the automation of documents comes significant savings. Achieving a truly paperless environment includes instituting solutions for the document workflow process from beginning to end. One of those components, which is often missed or not included, is that of capturing a signature.

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Technology Focus: Content Management Isn't Just About What's in Your Docs Anymore

But for most IBM i users, the emphasis on document content is hard to escape if you're looking at apps that run directly on the i.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Content management as a product type across IT in general is conceptually divisible into two main categories: document content management and Web content management. When it comes to focusing on that product type more specifically in the IBM i market, though, content management takes on a more sharply document-centric tone.

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