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TechTip: Node.js DB2 Connection Pool

Aaron Bartell

"The golden rule of DB2 is never share a resource across threads (connection, statement, any resource, etc.)."

—IBMer Tony Cairns

Written by Aaron Bartell

Being in a technology job has us playing the role of lifelong learner. I wouldn't have it any other way because that's one reason I like being in the technology field. It's almost like putting together a never-ending puzzle, yet still having the satisfaction of completing incremental puzzles along the way (i.e., projects involving technology).

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TechTip: Using the DB2 Programming Language (PL), Part 1

David Shirey

Everybody’s talking about data-centric programming. Well, I mean you won’t hear people talking about it in a bar or anywhere fun, but whatever. But this isn’t a bar, is it? No, more’s the pity. So, since there’s nothing else to do, let’s talk.

Written by David Shirey  

A few months ago, I wrote an article about data-centric programming. And it was very nice and all, but I want to get specific and cover a fair amount of detail about how to actually go about it.

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TechTip: Node.js on Linux with JDBC Connection to DB2 for i

Aaron Bartell

Real-world needs demand real-world "what happens if I poke here?" solutions.

Written by Aaron Bartell

One thing I love about my job at Krengeltech is doing discovery work to determine if a collection of technologies can work together to accomplish a business need. Such was the case today. A business had the need to communicate from Node.js on CentOS to DB2 for i. There are many options available to accomplish this task and I've listed some of them below. I've included commentary concerning my thoughts about each.

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Book Review: DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW: Certification Study Guide (Exam 615)

Paul Turpin

DBAs who use the book will find it very helpful first in their test study and later as a reference book.

Reviewed by Paul Turpin

Roger Sanders has written many DB2 for LUW certification preparation guides, and I have read almost all of them. The books were my primary study resource in preparing for DB2 certification tests. His most recent study guide, DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW: Certification Study Guide (Exam 615), came too late for me to use for preparing for exam 615, but I am certain that it will be extremely valuable to those who are still preparing to take this exam (test C2090-615: DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW). In addition to helping me prepare for exams, I have found Sanders’ books to be most useful references in my job as a DB2 database administrator (DBA). I still have a number of his older guides at my desk.

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TechTip: DB2 for IBM i Services - The Practical

About six months ago, I talked about the relatively new DB2 for i Service tool and why it was pretty nifty. Now, let’s take a closer look at it and see how you actually use it.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey  

As I said in the previous tip on this topic, the DB2 for i Services developed by Scott Forstie’s team and being enhanced with every new technology refresh is another way to investigate what’s happening on your IBM i. Although we’re accustomed to doing this using a variety of very powerful system commands, the DB2 for i Service package provides a fresh, more flexible, and more sophisticated way of digging out this information.

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TechTip: DB2 for i Optimization Strategies, Part 6

Avoid common SQL programming mistakes that can drag application performance.

Written by Michael Sansoterra

In this final installment of this DB2 for i coding series, I’ll discuss two items. First, I’ll examine a reason why a query that once performed well when it was first written might become lethargic as time passes. Second, I’ll discuss a way to potentially improve the performance of multi-row update statements. In the end, the lessons are how to avoid some common coding flaws that can take the wind out of your database sails.


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Book Review: DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration—Certification Study Guide

This is a well-written DB2 11 book that could easily stand on its own as a reference manual, not just a certification guide.

willie faveroReviewed by William (Willie) Favero

Are you thinking about taking the IBM certification test C2090-312—IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 11 DBA for z/OS? After all, it is being offered at no charge at the IBM World of Watson 2016 conference (formerly Insight) and IDUG EMEA 2016, both just around the corner, and at IDUG North America 2017 next spring, also only months away. If you are, you might be facing a bit of test anxiety, even if you know the exam topics well. For many people, the prospect of taking a test can cause them to start questioning their skills.

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Practical DB2: Database Field-Naming Conventions

The good thing about naming conventions is that there are so many of them, and database field naming is just one of those areas of convention contention.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

Put three programmers in a room to define a database and you'll end up with at least four different sets of naming conventions. And it won't be quick, either, no matter how much experience you have. I can't count the number of databases I've helped design over the years, yet I still find myself in a room sitting for hours every time I have to work on another one. Each database has its own idiosyncrasies, but a few areas are relatively common among all databases. This article will address one of the fundamental issues: field names.

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