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Big Data for Small Companies

Steve Pitcher

As a small company, how do we get value out of big data?

Written by Steve Pitcher

Big data. The tech world news surrounding big data is dominated by what the larger players are doing. They of course are flagship examples for big savings and big revenue.

A great example of a company using big data would be Kroger. The average return rate for coupons is 3.7 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Kroger does 71 percent. They target each customer individually and market to them as such as part of a quarterly coupon mailer:

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Six Key Drivers That Push Your Business Forward

Integration can be a competitive weapon that can positively impact the bottom line through encouraging revenue velocity, cost containment, risk mitigation, and long-term customer satisfaction.

mark denchyWritten by Mark Denchy


Business is moving faster and faster, as customers and business partners demand more automated interactions. IT is no longer supporting the business; it is becoming the core of the business. Digital transformation of businesses requires us to connect and interact with both customers and suppliers in new and unexpected ways.

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Setting Data Policies, Standards, and Processes

In today's increasingly digital economy, data is the fuel that runs your organization's applications, business processes, and decisions.

sunil soaresWritten by Sunil Soares

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from Chapter 5, "Setting Data Policies, Standards, and Processes," of The Chief Data Officer Handbook for Data Governance (MC Press, 2015).


The Chief Data Officer (CDO) needs to establish a framework to document the decisions from the data governance program. In this chapter, we will discuss how the chief data office can set data policies, standards, and processes.

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CAMSS in Conversation: Analytics

Analytics breeds knowledge. Knowledge is POWER.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

This article continues the series that temporarily replaces my "In the Wheelhouse" column. Through the rest of this year, I'll discuss what IBM has been investing its time on: Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, and Security (CAMSS). I started by addressing strategy and then provided an overview.


Of the five CAMSS components, analytics has arguably taken first place in IBM's importance scale. If you don't believe me, take a look at the new cognitive-themed and see if you can find content that isn't related to analytics in some capacity.

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Practical Analytics for IBM i Users

Make informed decisions about the different BI technologies and architectures you may be considering.

Written by New Generation Software, Inc.

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Practical Analytics for IBM i Users" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


Over the past decade, IBM has kept up a nearly constant barrage of announcements about business intelligence (BI) and analytics software and services. Ironically, considering the topic, the frequency and variety of these announcements has created a serious case of information overload for many IBM customers who don't have the time to read and interpret what all these offerings and strategies might mean to their business. Numerous customers, Business Partners, and members of the press have asked New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) for our analysis because of our position as an IBM Premier Business Partner and independent developer of reporting and BI software for the IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) operating system. We've done the research and summarized it in this White Paper to help you make informed decisions about the different BI technologies and architectures you may be considering.

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Data Governance Tools: Answering Your Data Profiling Questions

Data discovery is a lot easier if you're using the right tools the right way.

sunil soaresWritten by Sunil Soares

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from the new book Data Governance Tools by Sunil Soares (MC Press 2014).


Data profiling is the process of understanding the data in a system, where it is located, and how it relates to other systems. This process includes developing a statistical analysis of the data such as data type, null percentages, and uniqueness. While there might be some nuances, we will use the terms "data profiling" and "data discovery" synonymously.

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Book Review: The Chief Data Officer Handbook for Data Governance

When implemented appropriately, data governance is a powerful framework.

Written by Inderpal Bhandari

Since 2006, I have created the role of Chief Data Officer thrice in different healthcare organizations. My role expanded in scope over time, in keeping with the trend of increasing importance of data to a business. I went from the leader of a functional unit to the general manager of a business unit and then to a member of the CEO's senior leadership team. I had to reinvent the CDO role at each transition to reflect the expanded scope. But one aspect remained constant: Every time, I had to implement a data governance program.

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Book Review: 5 Keys to Business Analytics Program Success

From business intelligence to business analytics: a road to rapid success.

kesar sandhuWritten by Kesar Sandhu

5 Keys to Business Analytics Program Success (MC Press, 2012) is a relevant publication in view of increasing consumerism, in order to understand the class, style, and preferences of consumers, which change on a daily basis. Analytics is a tool that helps businesses identify trends and make decisions. Marketing has evolved from a creative process into a highly data-driven one, and marketing organizations now use analytics to determine the outcomes of campaigns or efforts and to guide investment and consumer-targeting decisions.

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