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Cognitive Morality

Steve Pitcher

Debating the ethics and morality of artificial intelligence before machines do it on our behalf.

Written by Steve Pitcher

Have you ever seen Ex Machina? If you haven’t, here’s your spoiler alert in advance.

It’s a 2015 movie about a young programmer named Caleb Smith who wins a corporate contest to spend a week with the CEO of his company in a secluded, high-dollar fortress home in the middle of nowhere. Now, the most unrealistic part of the movie would be the initial premise: someone actually wanting to win a week-long one-on-one trip to their CEO’s home in the middle of nowhere. The CEO has built an attractive humanoid robot named Ava with artificial intelligence (AI), and the purpose of Caleb’s visit is to impartially evaluate Ava to determine if she is capable of independent thought and consciousness.

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Eye on the i World: What You Think You Know About Watson Might Be Wrong

John Ghrist

What's Watson? That high-end IBM analytics platform that only a global health insurance company or some other giant conglomerate can use effectively? Maybe not.

Written by John Ghrist

I'm starting to be a bit mystified by the IBM Watson phenomenon, and for more than one reason. On one hand, there's at least a segment of ISVs in the IBM i market that think Watson's nothing to be concerned about. On the other, there's IBM itself, which seems to be hoping IBM Watson will be a big engine of growth in its corporate future, and yet, some of the information IBM offers about the platform via the web seems, well, surprisingly vague and even unintentionally misleading.

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TechTip: Watson, APIs, and You, Part 1

David Shirey

If there’s anything hotter than that new bacon-kale-champagne salad, it’s Watson and its family of APIs. But what is Watson, and what does it mean for you?

Written by David Shirey 

Everywhere you look today, you see the little Watson symbolin magazines, in TV ads, everywhere. It has become the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on any product or idea, stamping it with the authority and superiority of artificial intelligence.

But do very many of us really know what that stands for and what’s involved? Over the next few TechTips, we’re going to spend a little time digging into Watson and discovering just what makes Watson so special and how it may impact your life over the coming years.

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TechTip: Node.js on Linux with JDBC Connection to DB2 for i

Aaron Bartell

Real-world needs demand real-world "what happens if I poke here?" solutions.

Written by Aaron Bartell

One thing I love about my job at Krengeltech is doing discovery work to determine if a collection of technologies can work together to accomplish a business need. Such was the case today. A business had the need to communicate from Node.js on CentOS to DB2 for i. There are many options available to accomplish this task and I've listed some of them below. I've included commentary concerning my thoughts about each.

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Musical Chairs and a New Name at IBM

David Shirey

Is IBM at it again? Are they on the verge of another renaming event? Internal memos seem to indicate that it has already happened.

Written by Dave Shirey  

If you have been around the IBM i world long enough, you know there’s really only one thing that is constant—IBM’s primal need to rename things every few years. This time it’s not the i itself that’s being renamed, but Power Systems may not be Power Systems much longer.

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Big Data for Small Companies

Steve Pitcher

As a small company, how do we get value out of big data?

Written by Steve Pitcher

Big data. The tech world news surrounding big data is dominated by what the larger players are doing. They of course are flagship examples for big savings and big revenue.

A great example of a company using big data would be Kroger. The average return rate for coupons is 3.7 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Kroger does 71 percent. They target each customer individually and market to them as such as part of a quarterly coupon mailer:

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Book Review: DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW: Certification Study Guide (Exam 615)

Paul Turpin

DBAs who use the book will find it very helpful first in their test study and later as a reference book.

Reviewed by Paul Turpin

Roger Sanders has written many DB2 for LUW certification preparation guides, and I have read almost all of them. The books were my primary study resource in preparing for DB2 certification tests. His most recent study guide, DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW: Certification Study Guide (Exam 615), came too late for me to use for preparing for exam 615, but I am certain that it will be extremely valuable to those who are still preparing to take this exam (test C2090-615: DB2 10.5 Fundamentals for LUW). In addition to helping me prepare for exams, I have found Sanders’ books to be most useful references in my job as a DB2 database administrator (DBA). I still have a number of his older guides at my desk.

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Six Key Drivers That Push Your Business Forward

Integration can be a competitive weapon that can positively impact the bottom line through encouraging revenue velocity, cost containment, risk mitigation, and long-term customer satisfaction.

mark denchyWritten by Mark Denchy


Business is moving faster and faster, as customers and business partners demand more automated interactions. IT is no longer supporting the business; it is becoming the core of the business. Digital transformation of businesses requires us to connect and interact with both customers and suppliers in new and unexpected ways.

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