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To Make Shopping Experiences Exceptional, Brick and Click Retailers Must Innovate

These days, consumers expect retailers to provide information tailored personally just for them.

vish ganapathyWritten by Vish Ganapathy
In the industry’s current disruptive environment, retail and consumer product companies are competing with new business models and being forced to refresh their consumer experiences and brand engagements to be more relevant.

A new IBM study finds retailers' current strategies to deliver engaging brand experiences are not keeping pace with what customers’ expect and want out of their brick and click shopping experiences.

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Technology Focus: Are CRM Apps Converging with BI Apps?

Data about customers is central to both CRM and BI applications, and that trend is growing. Does that mean the two app types are converging? Even some CRM software vendors can't agree whether they are or aren't.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) applications both have data about customers and products at their cores. This is becoming more critical for businesses that deal in most kinds of products and services because serving customers efficiently and smoothly are considered hallmarks of winning repeat business.

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Technology Focus: Apps for Managing Your Customer Relationships

Demand for customer relationship management (CRM) apps remains high, with an emphasis on customization and mobile-device access.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

Managing a customer relationship to promote loyalty and repeat sales has evolved to the point where an initial sale is almost less important for the revenue than it is for providing the gateway to an ongoing relationship between seller and buyer. Especially in times when the general economy isn't booming, keeping customers feeling happy and special is more important than ever.

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IBM Makes It Easy for Customers to Deploy SugarCRM

The open customer relationship management software is emerging as a worldwide phenomenon.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

IBM customers have myriad choices for deploying Sugar customer relationship management (CRM) software on Power Systems, and the latest preview release of Sugar V6.5, announced at SugarCRM's user and developer conference last month, appears to reaffirm the company slogan that "SugarCRM makes CRM simple."

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9 Tips for Implementing Barcode and RFID Systems

Building an information system around barcodes and RFID tags requires long-term planning.

tom_stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

Most of us see the barcodes and RFID tags that pepper our packages and forms as simple extensions of the systems that record and transmit the information into the databases that drive our companies. Indeed, as barcodes and RFID tags have proliferated, they've become almost invisible in our workplaces, silently performing their intelligent magic to the benefit of the databases that receive their communications.

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Less Stock, More Profit: Inventory Optimization

Maximize the value of the IT investment by reducing overall inventory levels while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Written by International Business Systems US

Editor's Note: This article is an extract of the white paper "Less Stock, More Profit: Inventory Optimization" available for free download from the MC White Paper Center.


Inventory Optimization is the area where most ERP software implementations normally get the highest and fastest return on investment. It is therefore quite surprising that many companies that have implemented ERP have not yet added a dedicated inventory optimization module. It is a huge potential for companies to maximize the value of their IT investment for a relatively small incremental cost.

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Case Study: Barcode400 Is "Just What the Doctor Ordered"

Bay Area Hospital uses T.L. Ashford's Barcode400 to help ensure prescription accuracy.

tom_stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

When patients check into a hospital, the last thing that should concern them is the efficiency and accuracy of the hospital's pharmacy. Yet, at some hospitals, what the doctor prescribes doesn't always get to the right patient. That's why Bay Area Hospital in Southern Oregon invested in a solution that reduces prescription errors and streamlines the collection of patient data. By automating the data collection processes at the time the prescription is delivered, Bay Area Hospital can verify that the correct medication is being administered to the appropriate patient. In other words, they are making certain the patient gets what the doctor ordered.

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Technology Focus: Keeping the Links in Your Supply Chain Strong

Maintaining the flow of goods, information, and financials through a supply chain is essential to many types of business.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

Any business that deals with physical products requires some kind of a supply chain. Controlling a business supply chain is the bailiwick of a class of software products called supply chain management (SCM) applications.

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