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One Click Away: Where Does the Data Come From?

GS1 and the GDSN continue to enhance consumers' ability to feel confident about supplier-provided product data.

kevin corcoranWritten by Kevin Corcoran

Consumers today rely on the Internet and mobile applications to shop, research products, find new recipes, plan meals, and more. An estimated 25% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases are influenced by the Internet and mobile devices.1 And according to Google, smartphone owners reported researching products on their smartphone while at home (58%), on the go (43%), or in the store (31%).2


The risk is that 35% of consumers say they would never use a mobile shopping app again if it contained incorrect product data.

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Technology Focus: Electronic Commerce Apps and Services

The importance of Electronic Commerce continues to grow. EC product vendors weigh in on the future of the market and the best ways to get started with an implementation.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

With Electronic Commerce (EC) seeming to increase its contribution to the bottom line at most companies year after year, its importance to enterprises is growing proportionally. Given the opportunities to do meaningful business at any hour, with customers or trading partners located anywhere on the globe, companies who ignore or shortchange EC as part of their business plan do so at their peril.

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Navigating the Tortuous Road of Electronic Data Interchange

It's not free, and it's not easy, but if you want to grow and attract new customers, EDI is a requirement.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

The first thing I want to make clear is that the title for this article was chosen by my editor, a woman who lives in a villa surrounded by a pack of vicious dogs that she calls "my pets." Needless to say, her view of the world is a little harsher than mine. Actually, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is more like one of those 1940s road movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. There are ups and downs, a few chills, and some laughs. All in all, it's not that bad, you just have to make the right choices as you go along.

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Instrumentation and Automation Fuel Customer Experience Data Collection

Editor's Note: This article is an excerpt from the book Customer Experience Analytics published by MC Press.

arvind sathiWritten by Dr. Arvind Sathi 

Large automation investments in customer touch points, products, and business processes are rapidly creating enormous volumes of data as well as capabilities to make changes at electronic speeds. This chapter explores these changes in "instrumentation" and how they provide an environment for Customer Experience Analytics (CEA).


IVR, kiosks, mobile devices, email, chat, corporate web sites, third-party applications, and social networks have generated a fair amount of event information about our customers. In addition, customer interaction via traditional media, such as call centers, can now be analyzed and organized.

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Where GS1 Item Alignment Is Now and Where It's Headed

GS1 US and 1SYNC have made remarkable progress, and much more is yet to come.

jeff_holzmanWritten by Jeff Holzman

This article provides an update on the status of GS1 standards-based initiatives from January 2011 to February 2012 and also looks at plans for the coming year. Special attention is given to the broadening focus of 1SYNC, which is now not only the world's leading Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) certified data pool, but also a leader in the area of Product Data Management. In line with this shift, I note the important improvement of GS1 US's capabilities in helping industries and enterprises benefit from the real world implementation of standards.  

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Improving the Supply Chain Through Global Standards

The GS1 Item Alignment initiative via the GDSN now includes foodservice and healthcare and is rapidly advancing worldwide.

jeff_holzmanWritten by Jeff Holzman

This article provides an update on the status of GS1 standards-based Item Alignment via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). A lot has changed in the last two years. GS1 US has a new CEO, Bob Carpenter, who is devoted to the advancement of GS1's core mission in the United States. I believe that having a senior executive who is fully committed to advancing the standards-based initiatives in the U.S. and improving commerce for GS1 community members is a good structural change. Further, it is my opinion that GS1 has found a quality individual—experienced, hard-working, and well-educated—to fill the organization's most important leadership role. I spent some time speaking with Bob Carpenter, as well as some of his key executives. What I learned is detailed below.

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Item Alignment: Bringing Accuracy and Efficiency to the Supply Chain with GDSN

What happened in '06 and what's coming in '07.

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E-Biz Applications: Beyond the Web

Are you aware of everything the Internet and the WWW can do for your company?

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