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Product Review: *noMAX Architecture Fully Leverages IBM System i Remote Journaling Technology

The *noMAX HA/DR solution from Maximum Availability ensures unmatched data integrity and optimal recovery time for the IBM System i.

mike_stuhlreyerWritten by Michael Stuhlreyer

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, it is a business imperative to ensure the continuity of critical business operations and to protect a company's information assets. This makes business continuity an essential objective for companies of all sizes. Businesses must satisfy themselves that they have a comprehensive high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solution in place.

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Product Review: BOScom's Jadvantage

This Java-based solution provides fast, low-cost iSeries access, TN5250e GUI display emulation, and native SCS printing over the Web.

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Product Review: WebSmart PHP Opens the System i to PHP Development

Features such as intelligent templates, database integration, a visual HTML design tool, and PHP functions make WebSmart PHP a true RAD tool.

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Product Review: Vision replicate1

Vision replicate1 simplifies the real-time or scheduled sharing of data, including in complex, heterogeneous IT environments.


Over the years, many, if not most, organizations have become saddled with at least a few information silos and incompatible applications. The reasons for this are varied. Rightly or wrongly, the organization decided to buy best-of-breed applications, regardless of the platforms they ran on. Renegade user departments bought their own applications without the oversight of the IT department. Mergers and acquisitions brought together a motley collection of applications, each built on its own database. The list of rationalizations goes on.

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Product Review: Vision Solutions' Data Manager

Data Manager reduces storage costs and improves application and infrastructure software performance by archiving obsolete data.


Data Manager, from Vision Solutions, is a sophisticated archiving tool that can help companies tame their increasingly unruly, mammoth databases. The issue that Data Manager addresses arises because databases tend to grow relentlessly as companies both expand the types of information they store and, more importantly, continue to record transactions and other records without deleting old data—no matter how obsolete that data may become.

The last time many organizations extensively culled old data from their databases was when they undertook Y2K remedial actions more than seven years ago. Furthermore, because prudently proactive companies began Y2K remediation projects early, considerable data that is even more ancient than that may sit in their databases as an unwanted consequence of their judicious efforts.


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Product Review: Vision Solutions' iTera

iTera Director makes short work of System i optimization by automating tasks and enhancing visibility into system processes and resources.

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Product Review: Vision Solutions' iTera Director

iTera Director makes short work of System i optimization by automating tasks and enhancing visibility
into system processes and resources.

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Product Review: ADVANCED BusinessLink's Strategi SOA

Strategi SOA brings RPG and other System i languages into the service-oriented world, lifting the "legacy" label of their shoulders.

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