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Monday, Jun 26th

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ProData Announces DBU Web

ProData Computer Services, Inc. the leading developer of programmer utilities for the IBM i, announces a refresh of the web interface for DBU Database Utility which allows DBU to be used in a graphical mode without installing any software on the desktop. The product is called DBU Web.

DBU Web allows editing, searching and organizing data on IBM i or remote data and can now be launched through Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any modern day browser available. Once downloaded, DBU Web requires two steps: the installation of DBU on the IBM i and the setup of an additional component called DBU/Server, which can be run on IBM i or on a Microsoft Windows Server.

In the IBM i environment, the DBU/Server job runs under the default job queue on which the DBUSVRRST command is executed. This command starts DBU/Server, which handles all communication between the browser requests and DBU engine. In the Windows environment, DBU/Server is installed as a service on a network-connected Windows machine. This service is started automatically, but can be controlled manually as well. In either case, users simply point to the IP address or domain name of the machine running DBU/Server in order to access DBU Web.

The DBU Web interface offers the functionality and features associated with the traditional DBU green screen environment including the basic ability to edit field contents, add or delete records and the display of specific file characteristics. More advanced features including reactivation of deleted records, a facility to allow complex search functions and options to export data are also available. Security is tailored to user-profiles and audit trails monitor file modifications.

Another feature includes access from IBM i to remote data like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Sequel Server and others. This allows access to any data on any server within the network from the IBM i. This feature can be combined with DBU Audit to track modifications or additions to any database for compliance regulation. The performance & functionality of DBU Web provides quick and easy access to all information about and contained within any of the databases selected.

ProData Computer Services


ProData Computer Services, Inc. is a leading provider of IBM i utilities. Founded in July 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the creation and evolution of software for the IBM i and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database architecture. As a leader in the development of IBM i utilities, ProData utility installations number over 20,000 with distributors located worldwide. ProData has been a part of IBM i Developers Roadmap, IBM’s COMMON America Advisory Council, IBM Advanced Business Partner, and IBM Tools Partner.

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