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Kisco Announces Release 3 For End-User Password Reset Utility for IBM i

Kisco Information Systems today announces a release upgrade for its browser based, end-user password reset tool for the IBM i platform of computers.  The most frequent call to any organization’s Help Desk is for a password reset.  iResetMe lets the password reset function be moved back to the end-user relieving the Help Desk of this chore in most cases.
Using iResetMe, an organization can designate which user profiles can perform their own password resets from a browser session.  Once a user profile has been enrolled, the end user then activates it by supplying answers to up to 5 personal questions.  Once activated, if a user’s password expires or becomes disabled for any reason, the end user simply starts a secure browser session and walks through a reset function that culminates in a profile reset or a new password being assigned and activated.
The browser interface is implemented using the existing Apache web server that is included in IBM’s i/OS.  Installation of iResetMe includes step-by-step instructions on how to create the required Apache server instance and then to configure it for secure HTTPS communications.  Once set up and configured, all browser sessions are safely encrypted for maximum security.
Release 3 for iResetMe adds several important new features to the product as follows:
• Support for Spanish and French language users.
• Language can be set on a user by user basis or globally.
• Optional double entry validation for new password entry. • Support for Network Neighborhood profile resets.
• End user email notification when a profile is reset or a password is changed using iResetMe.
• The IP address for the browser session in use is now captured and reported in the iResetMe activity log.
• iResetMe can scan user profiles and send automatic email notices to users with passwords that have expired recently with a browser link to the password reset function.
iResetMe is priced based on the number of user profiles to be supported.  User price tiers start at 25 users with 50 user, 100 user and unlimited user licenses available.  The software is compatible with systems using IBM’s 6.1 software release and higher, including i/OS 7.3.
Complete product information, including screen shots and support information, is available at
iResetMe pricing starts at $495.00 for a single partition 25 user license and topping out at $1,295.00 for a single partition unlimited user license. For companies with several systems, Kisco offers multiple-license discounts.  LPAR pricing is also available to let customers implement the software in multiple partitions on a single serial number. Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30day evaluation of the product that can be downloaded with complete software documentation from  
To obtain a free evaluation on CD call Kisco at (518) 897-5002 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kisco Information Systems was formed in 1984 to provide high quality data processing services to businesses in the New York Metropolitan area. The goal was, and continues to be, to provide clients with high quality professional services at a reasonable cost. Our concentration specialty it the IBM i series of systems including Power Server running IBM i, i5, iSeries and AS/400.

Since formation, Kisco has expanded its client list on a steady basis. We have tried successfully to take on clients where we can make a significant business contribution. Our approach is to view data processing as a business resource used to solve business problems in a cost effective way.

Kisco Information Systems significantly expanded its own business horizons starting in 1986. We then started publishing software for the IBM i family and System/36 with several award winning products in national and international distribution. Our list of software customers is constantly expanding. It includes Jefferson Smurfit Corporation, the US Department of Agriculture, Amway, Heald College, Airborne Express, Cargill International, Wyeth-Ayerst Canada and more. We have more than 6000 software installations in the US and more than 40 foreign countries.

In March 2002, Kisco Information Systems moved to new administrative offices deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Saranac Lake, New York. While we continue to support our consulting clients in the downstate area with on site resources, this move has allowed us to increase our level of support for our software customers.

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