LaserVault Introduces ViTL: Eliminates Costly Manual Processes From IBM i Backups

High Availability / Disaster Recovery
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Provides automated backup and recovery in place of physical tape handling and storage for IBM Power Systems

IBM i shops relying on tape or tape libraries for their backup and recovery have a new alternative to speed up and simplify their operations. LaserVault ViTL offers a fast and affordable way to eliminate or reduce dependence on using tape for IBM Power Systems and eliminate the costly manual processes associated with using tape.

“ViTL helps solve the problems so many IBM i users face with backing up their data to physical tape,” says Brad Jensen, CEO of Electronic Storage Corporation, makers of LaserVault solutions. “We are repeatedly told how using tape is slowing down systems and requires too much handling to keep up with the demands IBM i users face for backup and recovery of their data. Tape continues to be a hassle for them and we’re excited to be able to offer ViTL to the IBM Power Systems market.”

Jensen adds, “There are so many benefits to using either ViTL, or our UBD solution, instead of tape. Time savings is just the beginning. Our customers start seeing an immediate ROI with their first backup. Then they tell us how they wish they hadn’t waited so long to make the switch from using tape. And with ViTL you get more cartridges and drives for a lower cost than other VTLs.”

“In recent years, natural disasters appear to be on the rise. With the increased frequency and severity of these events, our customers are searching for more secure and cost effective methods to backup their data along with faster means for recovering data should a disaster occur. LaserVault ViTL ticks all the boxes.”

Rather than a traditional virtual tape library, ViTL emulates an IBM TS3200 tape library (3573-L4U) with extra cartridges. There is no limit on the size of the virtual tape files other than the available disk space. ViTL connects to the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, System i, AIX, or Linux) via Fibre Channel or SAS and includes options for more drives and more slots than a standard tape library without adding additional hardware. The latest version of ViTL allows the administrator to create virtual tape images using a command on the IBM i, and to run programs on the ViTL server from the IBM I, simplifying the backup and recovery process even further.

ViTL can be used in conjunction with LaserVault Replacador to replicate backups for off-site copies and disaster recovery purposes. It can also be used with LaserVault TapeOut if physical copies to tape are required for auditing or other purposes. In addition, backups can be saved without tape to a hard drive, NAS, SAN or deduplication appliance.

ViTL works flawlessly with BRMS, Robot Save and other IBM backup software, simplifying the backup process even further. A recent webinar hosted by Help Systems, makers of Robot Save, in conjunction with LaserVault, explains the benefits of using the two solutions together.

“The new ViTL product is a winner. Combined with Robot Save your unattended IBM i backups are a snap, even restricted state” says Chuck Losinski, Director of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems.

ViTL is similar to UBD, LaserVault’s other tape emulation solution. Both provide a fast and easy way to replace tape for IBM Power Systems. Where UBD emulates a tape drive, ViTL emulates a tape library.

The ViTL backup and recovery solution is available now. To request the technical specifications sheet, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 918-664-7276, ext. 1. IBM i users can read more about ViTL on the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

Electronic Storage Corporation

Electronic Storage Corporation, founded in 1989, is the creator of LaserVault document management and backup and recovery software products, designed for seamless integration, ease of use, scalability and affordability. LaserVault software gives your business instantaneous access to critical business records and secure data protection. LaserVault solutions are used by small to large businesses representing many industries, including: hospitality, financial, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, government, wholesale, retail, hospitals, pharmaceutical, construction, education, and utility companies.

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