Frame Relay Support

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Q. IBM's September 1993 announcement about the RS-449 Communications Adapter implies that with frame-relay support, the AS/400 can connect directly to remote bridges or to the bridging function of the IBM 6611 Network Processor. I want to use a frame-relay public network to connect remote AS/400s and PCs to a central 6611 and allow for SNA and LAN NetView traffic between central and peripheral sites. Can this be done?

A. Yes. According to IBM, the AS/400 can connect directly to a 6611 or RouteXpander/2 using source-route bridging for token-ring or transparent bridging for Ethernet. The wide area network (WAN) connection between the AS/400 and the 6611 can be a frame-relay network or a point-to-point T1 line at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. If it's point-to-point T1, the frame-relay protocol is being used on the communications line, but no frame-relay network is actually involved. Direct-connect testing between an AS/400 and a 6611 or RouteXpander/2 has been done for bridging both SNA/APPN and TCP/IP. I am assuming you would set up an APPN network, with the remote AS/400s as network nodes serving the PCs on the Ethernet LANs. I'm also assuming the LAN NetView traffic is SNA/APPN.