TechTalk: Displaying 132 Columns

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From: Carter Combs To: All

Has anyone had luck displaying 132 columns through emulation or PC Support? We have not so far. Seems we need a program called HDILOAD (that comes on a disk- ette?) that we can't find. It comes with the 8514/A adapter-is that a physical card or device? If so, does it only work on PS2s? Or can we lowly 386 clones use it too?

From: Loren Elsen To: Carter Combs

I use 132 columns with emulation on my lowly 386 clone all day. I'm using Emerald emulation. I tried to get 132 to work with PC Support, but the only video card that supported it was the 8514/A. I tried configuring mine that way, but it was too smart for that (I have an STB Powergraph). I believe that the 8514/A is a MCA-type card, but I'm not sure of this. If you would like more information on the specific setup for PCTWIN, let me know.

From: Bret Myrick, Sr. To: Carter Combs

I too wished to use 132 column through PC Support, but was blocked by IBM. It seems that since there are so many different monitors on the market that it would be too much for IBM to keep up with the drivers needed by HDILOAD. For this reason if you have or purchase an IBM VGA monitor, you will receive this driver and have 132-column support.

I used to use PCTWIN from a company called Emerald Technology but they have been purchased by another company, Andrew Corporation, and you have probably seen their ads for ETU. This was Emerald's product prior to being purchased.

ETU is slick, by the way, and will allow you to use a batch job to sign on to the system, transfer files, and then sign off without ever having to allow the user access to the S/3X or AS/400. Of course, you have to specify that the user profile signing on cannot do anything else on the system if you want it secured from this batch job.

From: Eric Hill To: Bret Myrick, Sr.

I am curious. I just got two Emerald packages used and was wondering about the ETU function. What is the price and would you suggest the investment?

From: Bret Myrick, Sr. To: Eric Hill

I have not had the opportunity to purchase a version of ETU for about two years and don't have the pricing information at this job site. As to whether it is a good investment or not, I would have to say yes.

With ETU you are not only able to transfer files to and from the midrange computer/PC, but what I liked was being able to run a batch job and have the user transfer files without having to sign on. This is possible by defining a user profile on the midrange.

When the batch file is run it runs a script which emulates the system, signs on to the system, transfers the file(s) to/from the midrange and then you can have it sign off. This affords some nice generic transfer routines which can be run with simple commands for the user.

I suggest that you define the user profile so that it can't do anything other than sign on and then sign off. This can be controlled by CL or by the initial menu option.

From: Bret Myrick, Sr. To: Mark R. Smith

The Emerald Technology (Andrew Corp.) card also supports the PC Support; it's just that I much prefer the ETU over RFROMPC and RTOPC.