TechTalk: E-Mail With PC Support and LANs

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From: Glenn Carlson To: All

I am looking for an E-Mail package that will run on a Novell LAN network and also run concurrent with PC Support. Any help is greatly appreciated.

From: Tom Podany To: Glenn Carlson

We have a Novell Network that our AS/400s are tied into. We run an E-Mail package called CC:Mail. Provided you have enough memory, you can run it along with PC Support. We are even running WSF in Windows 3.1 and I'm able to minimize CC:Mail and get into the AS/400 sessions. CC:Mail is a Lotus product so I'm sure that your Novell salespeople can get you more info. Let me know if you have any questions.

From: Glenn Carlson To: Tom Podany

Tom, thank you for your reply; I was wondering, what do you consider enough memory? We currently have 4MB on our PCs. I had trouble with CC:Mail and PC Support. I would bring up CC:Mail and then load PC Support. After toggling from the AS/400 to CC:Mail, my system would lock up. Do you load E-Mail before or after PC Support?

From: Tom Podany To: Glenn Carlson

Well, we can load either one first. One thing that I did not mention was that we do not run shared folders in PC Support, which saves a lot of memory. We have users here that have 1MB machines that can access both PC Support and CC:Mail. Also, we are running DOS 5.0 and utilizing upper memory capabilities, such as loading some of the device drivers high. Let me know if you want to see a copy of our config.sys and autoexec.bat files so you can see what drivers we use and how they are loaded.

From: Joe Voloshin To: Glenn Carlson

We are currently using WordPerfect Office Mail with PC Support and it seems to work rather well. The Notify will pop up a message box in the AS/400 session. If you are not running the PC Organizer, you can ALT-ESC into the ml.exe to read the mail message. We also have some windowing capability of Windows for DOS sessions.