XOVIS Launches Cloud-based Partner Platform to Rethink People Flow in Retail Industry: More Than Simply Counting People

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International Market Leader for Intelligent People Flow Solutions NOW Providing Enhanced Retail Visitor Insights in North America

Xovis, an international market leader for intelligent people flow solutions in retail, airports and transportation, is proud to launch their newest cloud technology products. In a post-pandemic world, brick-and-mortar retailers, mass transit and workplaces face an ever-changing and challenging environment when it comes to people flow. As a provider of high precision 3D sensor technology, Xovis is now empowering integrators with its new Xovis FLOW cloud-based offering. This integrated software as a service (SaaS) solution for understanding people flow in real-time gathers visitor data from Xovis sensors with options to expand analytics. Through Xovis HUB, a cloud-based platform, integrator partners will be given all the necessary tools to seamlessly choose and order sensors, plan and maintain the system, thus improving and surpassing customer expectations.

“Introducing FLOW to the retail market is part of Xovis' response towards a new normal in times of COVID-19, adding to the safety and welfare of people on the move worldwide,” says Konstantin Ewald, VP Strategy at Xovis. "From reopening stores to limiting occupancy or managing a more flexible workplace, we see an increasing demand regarding people flow and with FLOW and HUB, we can now service our integration partners as a one-stop shop. FLOW is a beautiful solution to navigate all spaces as our world evolves. We want to take people flow management to the next level by making our high-precision sensors easy to use.”

"By understanding the data gathered by FLOW retailers can make more informed data driven decisions to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience,” explains Nick Delyani, Director of Retail, North America. “People flow data enables stores to benchmark conversion rates and marketing success, manage staff numbers appropriately during peak hours, avoid bottlenecks by guiding visitors into less crowded areas, and enhance product presentation by understanding gender statistics to ultimately improve long-term returns."

FLOW Features + Benefits

  • AI-powered people counting based on best-in-class sensors
  • Data and alerts in real time
  • Gender statistics, mask detection and more
  • Analyze people flow data with an easily accessible web application
  • Integrate Xovis sensors seamlessly to gather visitor and gender metrics
  • Expandable solution with add-ons for more detailed metrics
  • Integrate people flow data into other systems with open cloud interfaces
  • Unlimited number of users supported
  • Ideal for applications in smart buildings, retail and transportation hubs

Xovis FLOW provides three unique modules. With the base plan entitled Visitor Essentials, features include: visitor statistics, location benchmarking, gender detection, desktop and tablet WebApp, unlimited number of users, email reporting, data export and uptime and support. Two add-ons are also offered: Store Professional and Live Occupancy. Store Professional offers revenue statistics, conversion rates, AI staff exclusion and store benchmarking. Live Occupancy provides live occupancy monitoring, an entrance screen with URL, AI mask detection and live alerts.

Xovis believes in freedom of movement, and that all people should expect safety, comfort and privacy as they move about. While mobility and populations are growing, so are increased COVID-19 safety precautions and expectations. “Our success is based on high-precision 3D sensors with artificial intelligence applications that respect data privacy. All visual data is processed on the sensor, with no images leaving the sensor and no additional hardware required. By rethinking people flow in every application, Xovis FLOW combined with our sensors will improve quality of life and business, while respecting data privacy," says Andreas Faehndrich, CEO of Xovis.

“With a higher demand for people to flow globally, our decision to expand our technology portfolio with the new cloud-based solutions was simple. An enhanced feature, HUB is our partner portal, which will provide new tools to our integration partners that will help increase their market success with Xovis technology. Our goal is to make using our technology easier for all parties and these new options will enable us to continue shaping the future of people flow in multiple industries," Faehndrich adds.

For more information about Xovis, visit


Xovis is a market- and technology-leading Swiss high-tech company that develops, produces and distributes 3D sensors and software solutions for precise counting and analysis of people flows worldwide. Xovis solutions are used to optimize passenger flows and waiting times, for example at airports, in stationary retail and in public transport. Simple integration, data protection compliance, high precision and AI-based features characterize the technology of Xovis. The company was founded in 2008 has over 200,000 sensors installed globally and today employs around 140 people with offices in Boston, USA, Berne, Switzerland and Shanghai, China. For more information about Xovis, visit



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