Remain Software Releases Final Milestone of TD/OMS V13, Gravity V6, Remain API Studio V2, & MiWorkplace V1.26.0

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Remain Software has released today the third and final Milestone of TD/OMS V13, Gravity V6, Remain API Studio V2, and MiWorkplace V1.26.0.

As with every quarterly release, Remain Software continues to honor its commitment to continuously and timely update and improve its solutions based on customer’s feedback and the company’s look into the future and the challenges it brings. The release features enhancements aimed at increasing the user-friendliness of all four solutions, which in turn pays off in terms of increased productivity and efficiency for the companies and business that place their trust on Remain Software. The final version releases will take place on the 16th of June this year.

Some of the improvements are listed here as follows, while additional highlights and full details can be found through the link to the web page: 

TD/OMS V13.0.3 comes with enhancements to the build queue and the source library selection, the possibility to include comments in the GUI in all the different sections, support for MQT (Materialize Query Table), the addition of specialized editors to the the ‘Open with’ menu, and the introduction of ILEastic microservices among others.

MiWorkplace V1.26.0 also brings enhancements related to making its use easier and more intuitive, like the addition of useful information in compile failure messages, and the possibility to paste in the library list. 

For details about these and other included enhancements, please visit the release landing page at

Remain API studio and Gravity include fixes and enhancements as requested by customers, in line with the exceptional helpdesk and customer service that the company strives to provide.

TD/OMS, Gravity and Remain API Studio are all in-house developed and engineered for both IBMi and multi-platform environments. MiWorkplace is designed as an integrated development environment for the IBMi. The goal of the quarterly releases is for customers to have a sense of support at all times and to enable developers and IT teams to focus on the progression and success of their efforts, advance their development potential, and compound the return on their investments of time, attention and commitment to their work.




Remain Software

With offices in Virginia (U.S.A.) and Nieuwegein, Netherlands-based Remain Software specializes in robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for change- and application-lifecycle-management, workflow, DevOps and integration, and more. Three Milestone releases follow each annual version release of TD/OMS and Gravity and Remain API Studio, Remain's primary, in-house-developed tools. Visit

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