TD/OMS V14, Gravity V7, and Remain API Studio V3 Milestone 1

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Remain Software released today the first Milestone of TD/OMS V14, Gravity V7 and Remain API Studio V3.0.1 in line with the company’s commitment to enhancing and supporting its application-lifecycle management, workflow and REST API management solutions.

Designed to boost user-friendliness and productivity through development, testing, integration, project-management and delivery cycles, today’s Milestone releases include an array of new features as follows.

TD/OMS V14 incorporates productivity-boosting enhancements such as an improved transfer progress, the possibility to export spooled files to PDF, an easy way to start a new API specification from the main toolbar, multi-selection actions, enhanced comments, remembering license and contact information in the Open API specs for the next API, green screen improvements, an upgraded TimeFlash RapidFire interface, and much more.

Gravity V7, designed to boost cross-team collaboration and productivity, features considerable improvements to Xref, our multiplatform cross-reference engine. Remain API studio V3.0.1 introduces the API detective. With it, there will be no more mistakes in your specification. You just need to press the 'detective' icon on the top right and the API Detective will find and let you know if there are any issues, so can be sure that your spec conforms to OpenAPI best practices. It can inspect object information, paths and operations, global and operation responses, requests, and more.

For more information on the full content of this milestone release, visit the page: 

All three solutions are in-house developed and engineered for both IBMi and multi-platform environments. The open architecture and in-house attention enable Remain’s development team to anticipate and produce future-ready interface, integration and other updates and remain agile regarding implementation with new and emerging technologies.

A sense of support and reliability is essential, so new features and capabilities are released to customers four times annually: Full-version releases every summer, followed by three quarterly “Milestone” enhancement releases throughout the year. Remain’s customers can be sure that the next Milestone or version release is always on the way.

Remain Software

With offices in Virginia (U.S.A.) and Nieuwegein, Netherlands-based Remain Software specializes in robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for change- and application-lifecycle-management, workflow, DevOps and integration, and more. Three Milestone releases follow each annual version release of TD/OMS and Gravity and Remain API Studio, Remain's primary, in-house-developed tools. Visit

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